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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update for the 26th

Hello people! Updating for this weekends,my blog visitors have risen from the dead :) Nice to know that some people do view my blog,I appreciate it. Its gonna be exam week soon,its coming,I'm nervous,I aimed for a few A's this time,cuz I really did study hard for some subs,these days I start being active at my blog again,added some interesting tabs & also a new one,check it out,I added many links of all the sites I hearts

No pictures lately too :( I'm so sorry,I know its dull to see pictures of other people at my blog & my facebook also lack some pretty self portraits,I'll spare some time for a photo of myself & how I look recently. I haven't really been dressing up,all I wanna look & feel for now is comfort & minimalism,cuz the weather is always hot or rainy & I need to travel in comfortable clothes,so I've been wearing t-shirts & singlets only for now,haha. Products of the month? Hmmm....ya I have a product,I'll blog bout it after the exams. Here are some looks I think are really cute :) photos courtesy of

Waiting for summer by Zuzi. 

Those Brown Platform by Anastasia.

Down that way by Lynsay.
Love that black knitted beret,the black stockings & those booties :) Reminds me of Taylor Momsen.

Paper Romance by Vain.L

So please,please,please by Karolina O
Oh my those shoes,they are the kinds of black wedges I've been wanting,high but pretty,fashion hurts :(


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Sharon said...

nice blog u have~ i like fashion too~

cum n visit my blog too ya~