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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Updated ♥

I've been a fag for ignoring my bloggie,sorry :(
Curse me i don't mind,who reads my blog anyways? HAHAHA
Last friday went and surprised Bryan with a cake,someone is already 18.
Im kinda jealous,when your 18,you can drive,and that is one the things that i haven't ticked on my "want to be list".
We celebrated at Taiwan since we didn't want any noise and any weird eyes looking at us.
We knew that if we did it in McDonalds many people would notice.

Me and Hayley,we did alot of walking and i hope she lost weight hahaha.

You can read more in Hayley's blog.
Im lazy to post bout this.
I woke up with a horrible migrain due to my MERdeka day celebration.
To excited till i didn't sleep. (This is sooo not true)
These days my mine only focuses on one damn thing.
Which is him :)

You know that feeling when you meet a person and you knew that he is like your soul mate. I have always believed in fate and MAYBE its fate that made us meet. Errr...i know i sound cheesy but he really is the guy i like,not like but love. He makes me feel loved,that's why i love him. We really fall in love quite fast,he is always there cheering me up. I LOVE YOU.


Monday, August 23, 2010

I wish i can turn back time

Everyday i CANNOT stop thinking.."how if"...I don't wanna fucking think bout that anymore.
Who cares,its already august!
Too late to turn back time,if only i could i would be a better daughter so my parents won't transfer me to this school in the first place. Its not that i hate it here,im JUST NOT USED TO IT. I miss my friends like hell! I don't know if my friends back there fucking care bout me but i bet they miss me too :(
Chatted a few weeks back with Yeeng,my former classmate,chatted till i cried.
I don't know what is my problem but i just can't accept the fact that im not studying there anymore! I hate being new to everything and all those fucking stuffs.
I just wanna go back to my old school and study there with my old friends,being with my small group of friends that sing,dance and laugh with me is already good enough.
Every single day i pray and think of all those memories hoping that i can return to those flashbacks of mine. WHY GOD WHY??!!!

I admit that my results have improved and my attitude have improved but i am not happy here. I know this girl who reminds me of myself last time,but the difference is that she's rich and she's fortunate not like me,im not poor but im not rich either! If only i were as rich as her,i don't have to study so hard and i can still go to college but i HAVE TO study for my own future and i don't know why GOD created me in such a unique way,i hate studying. FUCK lo now...
Tommorow meeting Hayley,
gonna talk till i cry and im gonna release all those craps in me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Im a Malaysian

I Look CHINESE! But im not,and that's a good thing.
Chinese blood runs quite vividly in me,since i speak fluent chinese and look chinese but im not.
I am only a few percent chinese but im actually a native sarawakian,
if your wondering why im fair skinned its because my race is originally fair,
my mum says that it has something to do with my chinese ancestors too.
So...there it is,the reason why im blogging bout this is because im lazy to explain my race.
For sixteen years of me living as a human i have to explain my race and my unique name.

Dennia Leah :)
just call me Nia.

Unique name given by my parents, sign of chinese surname there.
Im a bidayuh,one of the few ethnic groups in sarawak.
Because of this,teachers sometimes asks me stupid questions for example..
"Oh,so what you wear at home? What you eat? What kind of house you live in?"
I grew up in KL,i wear normal clothes,i eat rice like everyone,i live in a house lo.
Really effing stupid questions,i don't how the fuck can they be teachers?
Just because im some tribe doesn't mean i behave and live like some red indians in the jungle hunting for food and living in a long house,hell NO!

As for language,i speak english at home,my two sisters can speak fluent bidayuh but not me.
I sound like ang moh when i speak bidayuh,people laugh so i just shut my pouty lips :D
But normally we still use english,since both my sisters are english teachers.
But i do understand a little bidayuh so fine,haha.
And your now wondering how the hell can i speak mandarin??? CHINESE SCHOOL.
I spent 6 years of misery studying a language i don't know,suffered language diffiency lol and racism,people didn't wanna makes friends with me at first cos im not chinese,then what did i do? Well..the very smart Nia studied hard and mastered the language and kick their balls off.
BUT surprisingly i get along the most with chinese,maybe cos im also like 40% chinese.

I can speak fluent malay,english and mandarin,im learning basic korean and cantonese now cos my canto is really "kek".
And as for my family,its funny you know,
when we go dine at chinese reastaurants people will think that we're phillipinos or indonesian or even baba nyonya,and when we dine at malay restaurants people will assume that we're chinese or chindian and when we eat at indian shops people will think that we're pure chinese. LOL
Its nice to suck out the confusion juice out of people's brain :)

We're malaysian so what? WHO CARES what race we are?
Im proud of who i am,my race,my heritage,everything.
It feels nice to be different among your crowd of friends.
We're one malaysia right?

Being different makes a difference.
Don't judge people by their race,it hurts.
You know me i know you,let's make a change towards society.
Be proud,like me,im proud,cos im different :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tell me what's ya flava bitch

Yes,im oficially home. HERE blogging,bout crap :)
Exam time and i just wanna pass,that's it.
Not interested in studying,that's not me,im more interested in learning not studying.
I wanna change my wardrobe before the clock and calendar hits 2011,
and i need to save up to get a camera,i realy want one!!
Im not a rich ass so i need to either save money,work or wait for money to fall of the sky.

Im into high waisted shorts :D
Who created this is a genius,flowery prints rock my world,they suit virgins like me.
I to wear slippers and sandals compared to heels and flats,they show off my pretty skinny feet and polished toe nails.

Photos courtesy of
Awesome page,join and like it.
Vintage clothing are so in right now,even though hip hop is forever my love but lets make a smoothy with it,who know's it might be a great look.
Im off now,ciao!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Its okay.

My blog LOL
Today was really something.
Consulted a classmate bout life,she's full of negativity,i don't blame her.
Family,it ruins us kids you know?
Sometimes parents can be so wrong,we just have to bear it for now,
i always tell myself this when i get sick of my family. was different i don't know why?
Had recess with another friend today,i purposely change recess partners because i wanted to accompany the girl who was depressed,she is well... a very innocent girl but i don't judge people,nobody is perfect. It somehow felt different,sitting there talking to another bunch of girls,i felt at ease,now im starting to adapt myself at this school,even though i've been here since january i never really enjoyed schooling here,i lost my friends in a blink of an eye,realised the truth too,and became close to some very wonderful people. All i can say is that all this is planned by God.
I do miss my old school sometimes,especially fridays,the mc donald day :)
I also missed recess,the variety of food and my multi cultural friends back there,everyone is like family,that's all i can say. I don't understand why so many students write bad stuffs bout my old school just because it came out of the papers,it doesn't matter where you study,if you wanna study then study. I don't know im confused for now,im trying my best and hope that i can pass all my subjects,at least. I was never a study freak,i am the kind of person who thinks that education is not everything,but it is also important,i just wanna grow up fast,i read the papers a few days back announcing MTV's new VJ,i wanna be one of them too,i always liked doing all these,anything to do with music,anything to do with entertainment.
Pray hard nia :)
You'll get what you want soon.
Times passes,things go different,people change,YOU CHANGE
You grow,you think,you learn you try and you become someone better.
Jesus told me this in my dream.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

New header :D

Got a new header for my blog.
Hmmm..don't really have any ideas but i'll come up with something nicer next time :)
leave some comments.
Took some new pics too,hope you all like it.
I'll be back REAL soon!

And a vid to cheer you guys up,i was just bored to hell so laugh at me all you want :D

Sunday, August 01, 2010

You choose your own mood

Two stupid girls din pose properly,see their pose.

She's damn afraid,see she's holding tight to someone to avoid accident LOL

She's too excited because she saw papaya tree YAY

We were passing by this place and she was like "OMG very nice come lai lai lai take pic!"

Lost child,parents don't want her liao...keciannnnn

I have never looked this ugly before

We look so like sisters YAY

Im dedicating this to a person,she really seriously needs to get a life.
I pity her,being so jealous of others,being such a gloom ball,what's the point huh?
Its not my fault my baby is better than you!
I don't know you that well so i don't wanna talk so much,but according to your "masterpiece" your really something,your good at blaming others.

Today Paul fetched me and Hayley to "eat some air" at BCH.
Me and Hayley tried many ways to force him to drive us to Rawang but he don't want to.
I don't get it,why don't people build at least one KFC or MC D here??
A nice big kopitiam also not bad,but there is nothing here except a whole lot of chinese stalls.

I've been hanging out with Hayley alot these days,she's being closer and closer to me,i remember i first know her during form 1,she went to my class to sell chocolates and i wanted to get a pack for the guy i like so i bought it from her,she was friendly since last time.
Then came friendster season,i discovered how famous she was,being a leng lui and stuffs,LOL. I added her and we talked through friendster ONLY. Smiled at school sometimes.
Then i don't know why all of a sudden this year we became good buddies,fate perhaps?
I don't know,but God brought her to me when i was facing a lot of difficulties,so praise the LORD!

I learned a few things from her,
I choose to behave the way i am even though you know im well known for my vulgar mouth.
Thanks honey :D
You made me awesome than i already am.