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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet Up ♥

Cotton On is having a sale :D
Sale Period: Until first week of july
Discounts: Up to 50 percent off on all sale items.
Promotions: Tote bag for only RM19 with any purchase
I wanna be there,teehee :)

What we left at that Dolphin milksake store,hope someone notices it.
That's all for today,i am a lame blogger. LOL
For now i just wanna do something bout my skin,im so ugly! Well i am pretty (errhemmm)
but my skin is making me fugly so fuck hormones and fuck genes for giving me all these reddish bumps on my face,i'll do something bout you pimples,i swear im gonna kill you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Price of being famous II

If you read my baby Hayley's blog recently,imma be writing the second part of the article.
Title you know lah,the price of being famous. Geeezzz i know i sound so errrr....
But this is like a confession and something i jusy like to share to others,you know Hayley's tagline,sharing is caring right :)

The case is....people always assume that people like me have tons of friends but actually no.
Real friends are rare,damn rare you know? What a shitty feeling when you know so many people but none of them really cares. My contact list is indeed long,but to be honest,i only contact with very few people,less than five. Don't laugh at me,this is my life,and im not ashamed of it.

Heck yeah life is great but what is so great about being alone all the time? Everybody's human.
Don't expect perfection. When you gain something you lose something too.
That's the way it is,i know this sucks but that's life. You gotta buck up and live your live.
When you're famous,that means you know everyone,but does everyone know's you?
That's the funny thing,people dig about your life and what the shit your wearing but do they really care for you,same case for artist's and such. There's a price for being famous,to be honest i like people to like me cos it makes me happy and who doesn't wanna be happy right?
If you tell me you like to be sad then i think you do not own a heart LOL.

I have experienced in all these shit,when i was in form one,i was innocent,i believe most girls are still innocent when they enter secondary school for the first time,my hairstyle to school is the double sided ponytail LMAO! I had two close friends,which i am still friends with till now but not that close,i was always jealous of kids who had gangs back then,silly me. I thought that kids who had gangs are cool and famous,especially if you hang out with people who are in the basketball team,i was really innocent that time.

Then come year of the devil i call it,wow this year dramatic changes man. I was like some kinda junk always skipping school going karaoke with my gang of buddies or else sitting in the cyber cafe while cursing LOL. I call this fun,even until know i enjoy doing all these stuffs,but not in that kinda way lah of cos. I had a big gang of friends,girls and boys,this is the first time i know the existence of "da k lun" LMAO. I had a friend who is really close to me,i had links to older kids thanks to her,during form2 i had plenty of memories,both good and bad.

Then form3 which is last year,i was the laziest girl EVER in school. Teachers in my class despised me,i was fly (meaning of hot in hip hop talk lol). I acted like school was my home,i only slept in school,eat and skip class and chat with my friends at the staircase,i had a very relaxed form3. I remember there are times when i was too bored in school i would just walk out from school and went to town. There comes a time when i had a few problems and was sent to counselling room,the teacher that talked to me was bantastic,i talked to her till i start crying,she told me that i am one of the smartest girls she ever met,that really made me happy. Lots of teachers told me to study,they see potential in me,i ain't stupid,i was just fucking lazy,conclusion....only one A during PMR. I swore that if i studied hard back then i could even get straight A's but i was just too damn lazy.

My life is great now,
but just don't simply make assumptions,famous people are always the loneliest.
Believe me,i may know lots of people but many people do not know me,
love your friends,you need friends in order to live a good life,love your family,they are the basic of happiness but most importantly love yourself.

If you are constantly saying that you're ugly,
do something about your looks,buy magazines and experiment duh,why be ugly? Being pretty means you love yourself,its a good thing to want to be pretty.
If you are always moody,watch something funny and make yourself laugh duh.
If you are always not satisfied with your life,complaining that you don't have iphone lah, if i give you a tent,with no clothes only leaves,raw food and live in Africa you want anot? There are more unfortunate people than you peh-lease.

Im out of topic but there is always a price for everything,not just being famous.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

One more day

One more day left then i will have to face....

1. Teachers
2. Students
3. School uniform
4. Books
5. Whiteboard

I haven't even wash my school shoes LOL!
I don't wash my school shoes plus i plan to buy a new pair,the type with shoelaces.
My current school shoes don't have laces plus after wearing it for a period of time,my foot start to peel so waddafuack im gonna get a new one.
I have another school shoe but it looks like a sneaker,its a shoe anyways.
( why am i blogging bout school shoes? )

Most of you reading this probably will say things like.. "OMG..WTF..SHIT..."etc.
Quite scary,they tell you all these stuffs and chemicals that you spray AND use on a daily basis,these products make you feel great and smell great but they can make you get cancer.
Im not lying here,i didn't invent this,i read bout this from a website.
You know those perfumes that cost hundreds like coco chanel,dolce and etc...FULL OF CHEMICALS!

number5 Pictures, Images and Photos

Look so damn glamorous huh? The ingredients also VERY glamorous.
Can cause you cancer one,so nice hor? Go try loh!
Price also damn bantastic one! Not only perfumes but also make up products and beauty products. I suggest that you get organic products cos they are the best,like from the body shop or something,and don't always apply make up. Don't apply too much of creams too,they can clog pores and cause pimples,appy pea size amount. I learned this tip from lots of people.

chanel make up Pictures, Images and Photos

I personally like chanel but they bring so much harm. So no thanks i'd rather be naked. Visit for more info :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to blogging

Deleted all the effing upsetting posts here.
I decided NOT to be so lame,LOL.
Ended lots of emo things about myself and changed everything in my blog so no spamming please.
Thank You very much :)

I do have friends anyways.
There are people who care for me,i just didn't notice that,i was stupid.
I am not smart but I AM intelligent.
Im trying to gain confidence and not be so pathetic anymore cos life is actually fun,weeee :D
Why am i so emo anyways? Well... i did face lots of fucking problems before this.
But during this holidays i started to be more cheerful,i know you banatics won't probably wanna hear my lousy and long speech,im just sharing some stuffs kay?

Well my life has clearly changed after.........................
Wakawaka eh eh,ITS TIME FOR AFRICA :)