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Click this please!
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Last saturday.


Went to this book fest last week,bought 9 novels in one shot,it's so damn cheap you'd gag at the price. SERIOUSLY!

These Sophie Kinsella novels cost RM8 each.

These Gossip Girl novels cost RM5 each. No joke peepoes.

Total number of books that I got. Super duper worth the price.

I made you jealous didn't I? Good then :D

My song for the moment.

Jesus Christ I love Jessie J. I downloaded her whole 'Who You Are' album & even though this song is not in the album THIS IS constantly in my playlist & it's on repeat for FOREVER. I hope they make a video for this,yes yes yes! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Help the bears!

Extra care for my horrific skin.

You peepoes must seriously read this
It will touch you to the core,me & mom read this & said our prayers before bed together cuz we were in deep shock & were terrified & felt super bad for these bears :(( 
If you wanna do a small part in helping & contributing for the animals in the country,please sign the petition up there at the top of my blog,it's been there for months & I'm glad some of you did sign up,thank you so so much!! Got my Esmeria sample last week & also got free samples from Libresse today,hehe. Remember the ad I did about Libresse pads before? Check it out,it's a good brand for ladies going through their monthly bloody days. I am gonna shower now,this is one small teeny update. Bye!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The smell of rain

The rain smells weird,is it acid rain? You know nowadays,with all the pollution going on,even rain smells like fart,gross. My blog is not dead. Some girl came up & told me that I haven't been blogging here lately,as if I don't know that. At the same time I'm flattered,like 'wow,someone reads the crap I call a blog?'. I've been busy,sorry about that. I've been busy with nothing actually. I am still sick,mild level now. I am freaking out over spm & I am trying to think of ways to improve my life cuz I'm starting to feel like I got nothing to offer. I am 16 years old you see,I think a lot. People change,well I do too. The main thing here is that,I come here to write. Often times I write things that maybe many other teenagers won't really understand. But whatever right? My blog has always been about self satisfaction. I am a fashion blogger,when I get inspired by certain people or celebrities or see things that I like I will share them here. But I also write about things that personal,it's just that I alter them in a way that makes no sense,just so people won't really get the idea of what I'm saying. Like now. You're never gonna understand what this post is about. I said it before that I'm a totally random person.

Like right now,you have no freaking idea how much I dread going to school. Ugh. It is a total waste of time! I know this is my second last month & I know I will miss school but I'm just starting to become more & more anxious. I do not have any patience now. I want spm to be over! I just wanna sit for it & get it done right away. I told Nadine that spm is like a rash that you wanna scratch but you know you shouldn't because it's bad. Sort of. It's a distraction. TOTAL DISTRACTION. Other people feel that they have WAY to many distractions to study for spm. But spm IS a distraction to me cuz whenever I wanna do something,even little things like watching tv,I'd be thinking 'oh bloody hell,I need to study,it's spm time.'. So I head back to my room & end up doing nothing cuz studying only appeals to me by mood,which comes in seasons,which comes in time,but time may not be enough. Worse is,time may even not come.

Can someone bring me some donuts? Big Apple or Krispy Kreme? :((

Saturday, October 08, 2011


I'm sick.
Suffering Tonsillitis,which is painful :( even when drinking & eating so I always avoid doing it at all costs but I have to drink in order to get better. I can't go out,I don't want to,I'M SICK! I just recovered from my fever & I swear it was one of my worst fever ever cuz of the pumping headaches & body temperature changes.


If you are constantly bored of reading this blog you can always go to my Tumblr,I'm addicted to it! I never thought Tumblr-ing can be so fun!!! I can re-blog & post photos of what I am into at the moment & no one gives two shits about what you do :D only 30++ days to spm,I still haven't completed my syllabus,but whatever,I ain't gonna study at a mood like this,I'm too sick to think of anything,I'm blogging right now because I had some energy from all the medicine I took,I guess I'm gonna sleep later too.

Take care,bring an umbrella anywhere you go to protect yourself from rain & the harmful UV rays. Use sunblock & do not go out waste your time under hot Malaysian weather unless you really need to. Or else you'll end up like me. :((

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Boredom ruins the soul of teenagers

I am really bored. My chatbox on facebook is on. There are 81 people online & I don't know who to holla to. I admit that I do have an ego & I usually prefer other people to talk to me first. So,whatever la.

My mom gave them to me,these are actually her's but she got the wrong size & they end up being mine,yay?! Today was hella confusing & boring,I woke up at bloody 8AM just to get ready to go to this Padini Warehouse sale cuz everything would cost only RM5 & when I woke up I got a text from Vincent,he gave me a short example of how the place would be like & he was EXACTLY RIGHT. I didn't use much make up today,just bb cream & tinted moisturizer & the normal compact powder plus a few coats of mascara & blusher. I even wore shorts,who cares what she thinks? Me wearing shorts doesn't mean I'm a slut.

Oh yeah I forgot,the warehouse sale area was bloody crowded & congested I don't even know how to describe it. Kiasu Malaysians. Plus the second time we came it was raining heavily & we were stuck in the car. Even with earphones plugged in I can hear my sisters & mom laughing in the car plus the va-va-voom thunder & rain that poured like there's no tomorrow,what the hell. I even saw these people bringing their tiny babies & kids there,what the eff are they thinking? I would never EVER bring my kid to a crowded place like that. I am sort of claustrophobic. And did I mention that i don't sweat? Laugh out loud?! YEAH I DON'T! I have the ability to control my sweat glands. Well I do sweat but I can control myself. But sometimes I can't. But usually I can. I hate sweating,it's gross. You get sticky all over & you stink,even with perfume.

Look at the date. It's the 1st of October 11' & I hate myself for not bothering to study. I am not a study kinda person,seeing my thick spm revision books grosses me out period. What should I do?? I guess I STILL HAVE to study. About the tattoos I'm getting at the end of the year. I already chose a font,Jane Austen & Courier :) And my red velvet cupcake hair too. I just want school to end. I'm tired being a kid,it feels like a burden to everyone at home,even to myself. Tick tock tick tock.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy birthday mom!! You're turning 49 :)

This was when I went to Sabah last year. I don't look good cuz I wasn't feeling good. Anyways,this is a post dedicated to my mom even though she doesn't read my blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I got 1k+ visitors per day,sometimes hundred+. I blogged about that small little page I made on Facebook for girls with insecurity issues & eating disorder & I got only 4 likes? YOU GUYS SUCK. Period. Cuz even though it is a small thing,it meant a lot to me cuz going through all that wasn't easy for me & I was looking for some supporters. Since you guys can't bloody like the page for me I might as well delete it. I'll set up something better next time,when I'm somebody. This is hella upsetting.

Yeah I also blogged about my past,yesterday,just go to my archive or scroll & you'll see the story. Hope it helps some of you. Cuz being sick isn't cool & I just want everyone to be happy & healthy :) alright??? Trials are officially over,fyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can watch Gossip Girl all day with ease but I still have to study,the real thing is so much more important than trials. DUH.

I bought NYLON September issue.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Christina Ricci on the cover & I love her eye make up,it emphasizes on her big huge eyes. Fyi for one single issue,(the current one),it will cost like RM16.90 cuz it's a Brooklyn based magazine,so I usually buy it if I really like & want that issue & I did! I love this issue as much as I love the Florence Welch issue & I definitely will get the October issue cuz Elizabeth Olsen is on the cover! I just freaking love this magazine,they have some of the most epic & unique editorials ever & the pages  will never bore the eff out you especially if you are a self proclaimed indie chick like me :) I also read the website every time I'm online,I heart it. 

Alexa Chung in Mary Katrantzou

Her green nails that she's obsessed with.

Christina Ricci in Pan Am

This short film is inspired by the downtown cool, rock sensibility and international lifestyle embodied by model Abbey Lee Kershaw, this debut short film introducing the Pierre Balmain collection follows Abbey Lee and her band, Our Mountain, throughout New York City. Directed by Inez and Vinoodh, this film features pieces from the Pierre Balmain women's and men's collection worn by Abbey Lee and her boyfriend, Our Mountain front man Matthew Hutchinson. (Yeah I stole this from youtube)

I freaking love Balmain! If you guys wanna see some of his jackets you can go watch 2NE1's 'Lonely' video :) Yet again,he is one of my favourite designers & if you love anything studded & rock & roll or maybe you love Taylor Momsen's style like me,you'd dig Balmain. 

Xoxo! (btw I'm on twitter & tumblr all the time so follow me there!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Skinny & beautiful.


Hi,my name is Dennia,but people call me Nia. Did you read all that? I was like that. I've attempted suicide too,but I didn't use a rope. I starved myself & I did cut myself & the weirdest thing is I don't know why. I've never really liked myself,I think I'm stupid,ugly & no one really likes me. Sometimes the people who I rely on the most always say something to bring me down,even though I tell myself it's not true,I still listened & it eventually stayed in me & made me a monster. I was misjudged,misunderstood & underestimated.  I had depression,the funny thing is that no one knew,not even myself. There are days where I would be totally cheerful as sunbeams & totally gloomy as the sky when it's about to rain. I would not sleep,cuz I couldn't & I'd be awake being manic & reading a book all night or writing stuffs in my journal. I felt like I'm nothing. I try to hard to be everything though,pretty,popular & wanted. I admit this. All my life I just want to be pretty but I never felt pretty. I don't know why & how did all these feelings develop,all I know I that I have a problem with myself & I am not normal,I'm a sick girl.


Now,I am 16 years old,turning 17 this November. And when I blow my birthday cake,all I will wish for is bliss. I just want to be happy & healthy. Now,I believe in myself more than anybody else. I love myself. I am beautiful just the way I am. It took me a very long time to realize this. I don't know why. I love my mom. She is the nicest person I've ever known. I want to be healthy & happy for my mom. I am a nice person,I don't think I will ever hate myself ever again. I don't want people to think that it's cool to have an eating disorder & talk freely about it. As long as you don't brag about it,I don't think there's anything wrong. IT IS A BIG DEAL. Some girl out there might be dying,some might be crazy already. Do they need help? YES.

Please join this facebook page called EAT share it around if you or anybody you know has any kinds of issues in life. Especially girls :) It's a small thing,but I know it can help others in a way.