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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal wedding uncovered by awesome me

Everybody knows what's so special about today,its the day of the Royal Wedding. I remembered me talking to a classmate yesterday saying that I'd skip class to watch the Royal wedding,at first it was a joke,but then I really did skip class today. I also heard some people asking who is getting married & who is Kate & William,I rolled my eyes when I heard that,one of the silliest things I ever heard,fags. The problem was,I was in a dilemma bc I didn't know which channel is better to watch,stuck between NTV7,TLC & E! Guess which channel I chose in the end :D


Kate Middleton
Behold! The dress that we (me) waited all along. Did I love it? Yes I did! (Duh) Not only because it was designed by Sarah Burton,which is the creative director of THE Alexander McQueen!

The dress was elegant,classy,something you wouldn't make fun of in the future bc of its classic-ness,I'm proud that she is really smart to choose something that has a very classy look,long-sleeved lace,sexy but appropriate. Made with ivory & satin,it looks like scallop silk,which I think it is,a V neckline,a simple veil,simple hairdo & a simple Cartier tiara & most of all,an 8 foot long train,not dramatically long like the late Princess Diana,or else Pippa (Kate's little sister which is her maid of honour) would have trouble holding the whole damn thing. I love it all! She is truly the modern day Princess 

Prince William, Kate Middleton

Tada! I tweeted right after I saw Victoria & David during the wedding,David looks gorgeous as usual but look at Posh Spice! (Posh indeed). She's wearing a her own line of clothing,which is really smart of her,so pregnant mama's would wanna wear what she wears. A sleek ponytail to compliment her look.

Princess Eugenie & Beatrice,they sat behind Queen Elizabeth,look at those head gear! Are these 2 trying to outdo Lady Gaga? Most probably. Princess Eugenie,the 1 in blue,is honestly terrifying.

Pippa Middleton,gorgeous eh? Her dress was also courtesy of Alexander McQueen.

Both so handsome

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Kiss
Very short but sweet kiss on the balcony

What else can I say? I skipped school just to watch them get married,a friend of mine even complained on how expensive their wedding is. The whole wedding is nothing but beautiful & lovely. The only thing that saddened me is that the camera man seldom zooms on Prince Harry,LOL.. I am in love with him,he is like 10 years older but who cares? And oh yeah,Prince William is getting balder,look at bald spot on the top of his head,wooopps. 

Hmm..when is it my turn to get married to a prince?
Stay tuned for my other surprise post!
(photos courtesy of E! online & Perez Hilton)  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding

(Photos via

I am so so so looking forward to for the royal wedding this friday! I wish I can watch it live,but if I do I guess I have to do what every kid has to do,which is skipping class,AGAIN. But I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of the about to be Princess & PrinceWilliam! I just don't like the fact that people compare her to the late Princess Diana,she is Kate & she has her own style,which happens to be very classy & feminine,perfect for the everyday woman. You can't expect for her to dress like a porn star,right?

Awww they look so sweet! 
I am jealous,Kate's wedding dress designer is someone unknown,I think its some local designer,but she better make it good.

Since Prince William is taken,I'll take Prince Harry then 


Thursday, April 21, 2011

For What Its worth

I notice that I always use song titles to write my it my trend? Hmmm.

Lately,been doing the same things over & over again,I am so tired that I take long naps,I don't think their even called naps! More like over sleeping,then when I wake up I have trouble sleeping again at night,what the eff.
Me gonna get my bag soon,waiting patiently :)


What do you guys think? Click like if you like the make up I did,used up a new eyeshadow palette I bought from Sasa outlet,really cheap & also got my very first concealer brush,covered flaws well,but I need a new concealer,maybe a cream based,this is too dry & can appear flaky looking when used on top of powder. 
This is just one short post,I'm not gonna be blogging much lately because I am studying for my May exams & I'm planning to do better than my first term,things will be harder & my efforts need to double up,pray for me kind ladies & guys :) I will be back blogging soon. Will most probably be my first outfit post + my newly gotten KS tote. Stay tuned! And remember to wish me good luck,I'm dying to do good this time.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fashion Icon #1 : Taylor Momsen

Aha! Finally a sort of fashion post,haha. Was watching TONS of Gossip Girl season 4 videos at youtube & I really can't wait to start my marathon! My favourite style star from GG would have to be Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey. I love Serena though but sometimes her looks can be pretty boring & I like something daring,bold & has a little bit of rocker chic look into it,starting from season 1,Taylor's look was more of a sweetish look,she plays up with babydoll dresses & as the seasons go by she starts leaving her hair long,thicker eye make up & finally,stockings,dark clothes & anything studded,basically the kind of things I love.

Pictures of Taylor Momsen & some of her looks that I just enjoy looking at 

Wow I love those shoes,the dress & the jacket.

I just love everything about this look,her shoes,her stockings,everything!

I also happen to be in love with her body & long legs.

Partly why I wanted to bleach my whole hair & turn into a blonde.

Oh yeah I love the bag but look at Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass's face,major LOL.

People talk bad alot about this girl,but behind all that I still enjoy her personal style & I believe that she's just doing her own thing,her make up is actually very very smoky & usually she wears red on her lips,or sometimes maroon,more of a gothic feel. 
She changed alot,from a little girl that acted in The Grinch,yes that was her. But still,her taste for both music & fashion is really something I admire because I also love rock & roll. Yeah,somehow,she makes me wanna go ahead & put on that red lipstick,get my tattoo done,wear fishnet stockings,booties & awesome clothes & not give a damn what people think :)



#3 (Now)

A special Taylor Momsen inspired look created by me 
Taylor Momsen Inspired

Sheer front corset top from Dolce & Gabbana
Crepe crop blazer from Topshop
Faded denim shorts from
Bamboo Colada19 ankle boots from
Fashion city bag with flap from Zara
Long red swarovski heart necklace from

Did I mention that Taylor's in a band called The Pretty Reckless.
Check them out.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Bang "Love song" video world premiere.

I realized its so hard for me to do the simplest things that others take for granted. For example,blogging,I have restrictions when it comes to the internet & sometimes when I don't go online I feel like do I actually have a life outside? I guess not,cuz I am a homebody,so I usually work with my mind,but this is getting a little bit extreme,I'm kinda scared to shits now,I don't wanna be a looser that has no life other than the internet. That cannot fucking happen.

No fashion post,no looks post,today I'll make it short & simple.
About Big Bang.
Eh,they are koreans,haven't heard of them then you need to go tell your mama to give birth to you all over again.
They have a new song out called "Love Song" & also a new album! (including posters & photobooks) 
Teaser for "Love song". How the eff did they do this? A teaser one by one,just to tickle our senses & make us wait for it like a dog waiting for dog food *tongue sticking out*
Watch it from up to down :)

The 1st teaser,with all of them in it.





TOP (my favourite) 

And now its out already :)
I love their look here,with all the smart looking clothes,they are getting so much more mature,for your information these boys are hip hop powerhouses,they are b-boys,rappers & thugs,their transformation over the years are just so amazing.

If I had a proper phone this would totally be my wallpaper,look at TOP,like an angel 

(gotta do my homework now)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What the hell


Some bitch who's messing around with people's life is starting to bug me even though she never actually said anything bad about me. Well,there was one time but that was really stupid of her,she just had to criticize & talk bad about other people just because she doesn't have a life of her own,how lame.

Let me be honest,she is actually a friend of my sister's,I don't mean to be rude but does she mean to be rude? That isn't so fair isn't it? Ya lor,that's why I'm here to tell her to stop picking on people,especially when she feels like her life sucks,it isn't our fault that her life sucks. She has done more than 3 horrible things to me & my sister already,so I have the right to point out her fucking issues right here at,its my pleasure to ditch on her because she deserves it.

Alright,I am in this solar cooking things in school & I have to find ways to boil water using solar energy,the 1st thing I thought about was putting it in a boiling pan surrounded with foil but it takes about 30 minutes for it to heat up,so that would be sort of long,so if you guys have any ideas on how to make the water boil more efficiently please share your ideas :) I'd appreciate it.

Watched "Hop" with baby & I like it :)

No fashion updates for today,but do "like" my previous post about the "Serena Van Der Woodsen" look if you enjoyed it. Give me an icon & I can make one inspired look from him/her :) I am in the making for a "Agyness Deyn" inspired look,so stay tuned for my next fashion post. I will also start to post pictures of my own looks & assemble so look out for those. 

Song of the week: Remember by Misty Miller from the Burberry acoustic playlist.
Beautiful song!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Only just a dream.

I am on my way to finish Gossip Girl season 3 :)
This season is really interesting,if you also watch GG do come chat about it with me since I don't really have much friends who like GG. Serena wears more dresses in season 3,specifically body fitting dresses,matched with her signature messy blonde tresses,she is gorgeous. I went to Polyvore yesterday & made a new Blake Lively inspired assemble,it should have been named as "Serena Van Der Woodsen inspired" though,haha.

Blake Lively Inspired 1

Just in case any of you are interested in the clothes :)
Floral tube dress by Topshop
Alexander Mcqueen heels
Yves Saint Lauren clutch

For those of you who voted for my "set" at the Reebonz page,thank you so much! 
But my set is most probably gonna loose since another person is catching up :( But heck,I already got my tote anyways.

Song of the week.
A sexy song I found while browsing through Forever 21's blog,enjoy!
Chromeo - Hot mess


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