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Thursday, April 21, 2011

For What Its worth

I notice that I always use song titles to write my it my trend? Hmmm.

Lately,been doing the same things over & over again,I am so tired that I take long naps,I don't think their even called naps! More like over sleeping,then when I wake up I have trouble sleeping again at night,what the eff.
Me gonna get my bag soon,waiting patiently :)


What do you guys think? Click like if you like the make up I did,used up a new eyeshadow palette I bought from Sasa outlet,really cheap & also got my very first concealer brush,covered flaws well,but I need a new concealer,maybe a cream based,this is too dry & can appear flaky looking when used on top of powder. 
This is just one short post,I'm not gonna be blogging much lately because I am studying for my May exams & I'm planning to do better than my first term,things will be harder & my efforts need to double up,pray for me kind ladies & guys :) I will be back blogging soon. Will most probably be my first outfit post + my newly gotten KS tote. Stay tuned! And remember to wish me good luck,I'm dying to do good this time.



Natali said...

You look great in this photo!!! Love the lip color!

Nia said...

Thank you :) I love the lip colour too.