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Monday, May 30, 2011


Life is so hard on me right now I don't even know what to say. Everything is so sort of unfair,other people,maybe it's easier to handle it,some go out with their friends,some get drunk,some smoke,some write,some sing,some just do anything. I don't know what to do,but I think I choose to drink,that's better.

This was originally suppose to be a review post.

But since no one reads this anyways,I might as well blog bout my current emotions. I'm just so sick of everything I feel like getting a gun & shooting all the hippo's on earth. This is what I call EMO. I get really creepy when I'm emo. I can be everything,I can turn into a monster,I can cry & laugh at the same time. I'm a creep. I have been really in a shit situation for so many months because of this damn thing,curiousity kills,but the truth is even worse,but I guess the truth kills curiousity but builds another level of pain. I don't know how to describe this,I think it's easier to say that I'm mad than to say I'm hurt,I'm that sort of person.

I'm gonna live by this principle from now on. Do what I love & do it often,if it means drinking & doing illegal shits. I'm gonna do it anyways. Bye guys,I'm gonna go get drunk now.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I don't know why did I even refer this person as a friend.

A song dedicated to someone who I really don't wanna refer as a friend for now because he is just super unfair & just so moron-ish. Before I make my blog look like some teen angst & anger release website,I am just simply blogging for the sake of satisfaction because I am really not quite happy with this person. AIYO!

I was bored,very bored,I did almost everything,even listened to 'Friday' at you tube,googled myself & went in & out of Facebook & Twitter to find some interesting things or notifications,not even 1 person layan me so I just continued doing nothing until.......................... I SAW SOMETHING -_________-

"Go help me click like ah! This is for my friend XXX! Remember to share ah!"

WTF???!!!!!!!! You kidding me? Know why I'm so mad? It's because this person happens to be an epic person,my close friend,someone I actually refer as a best friend & know what's worse? He only finds me when he needs me & remember that Reebonz contest I had? Where I need to get people to "like" my design on the official Reebonz fan page? Omfg that was a long time ago,not so long lah but come on! 

I am very very mad & upset because I used up ALOT of time pasting links onto people's walls & blogged & tweeted about it just to garner votes. I was freaking mad that some didn't support me,but if it's someone I don't know then I actually don't mind,but this person happens to be my friend,not just any friend,a close friend! Then now he is using so much of his energy to promote this so called pretty friend of his. So he didn't help me because of what? I am ugly? Oh okay then. But what about being my friend & helping me because I am your friend? He didn't help me "like" my design & he didn't bother to help me share. OK FINE. And some people go help me support other people also,this is so stupid words cannot describe their stupidity. If you happen to be those people that also go there & "like" other people's designs,aha your stupid! Know why? If you don't me personally then it's okay but if you know me & I clearly know you,then you very stupid! Because I am your friend,HELP ME LAH! Why go help me "support" other people also? Don't you know by doing that it will increase other people's "likes" which will make me go gaga & gila gila go ask other people to help me increase my "likes" -_____-  People are so funny sometimes,let's laugh,HAHAHAHA!

Call me desperate to win but no I'm not,it's just that when your competing in a contest of course you would want to win,right??! Who the hell wants to loose when you got rewards waiting? Damn. I was planning to use that gift voucher to get something for my mama & sister some more -______-

Sometimes I wonder how some girls who pose cutely & look like ghost with straight hair & pale face gets so many damn kukumalu votes for 1 stupid picture when I suffered & almost didn't eat the whole day posting links on people's walls??!! Walao eh. Not only me,my ex also gila gila mati mati helped me,he even got so pissed I didn't win that part of the contest (even though I did win the bag). You see???? I only got 100+ votes among 2k of "friends" in my friends list,I also noticed a lot of the "likes" come from my ex's friends which most are not my friends on facebook but are still willing to help me! But seems like my own friend doesn't. People are so funny nowadays,let's laugh again,HAHAHHAH.

Then when I see the photo that this friend of mine helped share,she got like 900+ votes,nearly 1k & what did I get? I should have created a nuclear bomb & bombed this guy a long long time ago if I knew what a dick he is -______- Excuse me *cough cough* I got every right to be mad about this. When I had problems I do tell him my problems plus I really care bout this guy,he is like a brother,I know his past & his stories,I always talk about him. But everytime I see him online he always looks as if he doesn't know me,he never mentioned me,he never really thanked me for something I planned for him during his birthday,he never actually referred me as his best friend also. Can I cry? It's sad,sort of. I wanna cry while holding a gigantic fork stabbing a toy donkey screaming "WHY WHY WHY WHY?!".

People are so funny,let's laugh for the 3rd time people,HAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look at the brighter side of things

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< New 'Marc Jacobs daisy perfume' at my sidebar as my email logo 

Exams are finally over!!!!! I'm in my wildest most epic moments right now,what's so great about this mid term is that everyone has different subjects on different days,so I don't come for subjects like art & accounts which is tomorrow,epic much :) Today was sort of stupid,I don't know if you guys notice this but I actually am sick,I got cough & a little bit of nose problem right now,oh damn,I cough but there's no flam,just a very itchy & dry sensation at my throat,not a good feeling,especially when you live in a hot oven like country like Malaysia & you feel like eating ice everyday. Science sort of sucked,I love science,for real,there was one point in my life where I wanted to be a marine biologist,since I love marine life & living creatures,but just now,everything turned into black & white during paper 2,every single fucking question,90% form4 syllabus! God damn I panicked like fuck,most of them are chemistry questions which I HATE,the whole damn paper made me lose hope in getting an A for science,but paper 1 made me sort of relieved,once I saw some biology related questions,my tension eased.

Have been drinking this,tomato & celery juice,my complexion is sort of better,seriously! The area below my ear,after applying ointment everything dried & I only have pimple marks left. So cool,now I'm working really hard on my skin,not for the sake of looking good but also to feel healthy & look healthy,have also been sleeping & waking up early,so far so good,I'm doing pretty good now,I will continue this habit,will not stop for goodness sake! I didn't know waking up before the sun rises feels so good :)

My current reading material,this book is kinds interesting. I wanna get Water for Elephants.

'The list' :) All the good things to achieve in a day,guide to a perfect life.

There is this friend of mine,not gonna say who,but I just hope he sees this & guess that I'm talking about him. I'm not gonna badmouth him but now,during exam moment where everyone is busy trying to improve themselves,I guess & hope he would too,because no matter how much you hate & suck at studying you must always try. I'm done encouraging some of my friends to study & such,previously,there is this friend of mine,I really like her but she is slowly drifting away from normal student life,I wanted to her to follow me & change our attitudes & study,but it's up to them. I'm just saying,I'm not a smarty pants or a goody little 2 shoes person,but I'm just trying to do what's best for me & to those I care. Tata,gotta go now,eating time! Leave a comment below :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

American Idol sucks.

Today is Friday. Don't you dare go think of that lousy song by Rebecca Black -___- As narcissist this sounds,I can sing better than her,I swear! Only 2 subjects left,then I'll be having my holidays,at least that's something to look forward to :) Perdagangan (Trading) is a subject that I personally think is quite easy & I hope I get full marks for my 2nd paper,God bless me. Exams are stupid,I'm smart enough to live without tests. *slaps face

Haley got eliminated out of American Idol. Can someone tell what the fuck is wrong with the Americans?

So now we're left with the so God damn cheesy Scotty & that boring country chick Lauren. She is a year younger than me & I swear she looks so much more older. WHY OH WHY? For God's sake. Who are the God damn voters? Go to you tube now & you'll see tons of people complaining about Haley being voted out. Who the hell sings Led Zeppelin on American Idol other than her? She's one freaking chick,now she's out,there is not purpose of me watching this show anymore,seriously. This show is becoming more dull I think I'll swap to X Factor or something. If I were to watch the finale next week,I'd be asleep with my saliva dripping on the couch due to boredom. For any of you who are Scotty & Lauren fans,I know they are talented,but no offence guys,they won't be THAT famous,you mark my word.

Can't wait for the holidays,I got tons of movies I've been craving to watch & tons of food I am craving to eat. Such as Shihlin fried chicken,seafood tempura,Japanese food especially Japanese curry & Ikea's meatballs. Can't wait to do my nails too! I've been taking advantage of the exam seasons to keep my fingernails long,lol. Gonna do some french manicure,self do,I got the Sally Hansen's with my sis from Sasa a few months back,only costs like RM10.


Mine would probably look like this,gorgeous eh? Will post pictures 


This is so crisp & clear & neat,love it 

Blair & Chuck is such a sweet couple,I can't wait to get my GG4 from "him".

I got some good results & response on my sidebar poll,please continue clicking what you wanna see more of here at this blog. I'm so sorry I haven't post any looks yet,my looks,there's a problem with my sister's camera's self timer,I guess I'd have to wait for my new phone & use the camera from there instead,unless any of you are more than willing to be my photographer. Ciao!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You think I want this meh?

Wah,today one bloody hell of a day,I didn't sleep the whole night trying to understand some mathematical problems,why can't math just grow up & solve their own problems? -_____- Damn ffffuuuuuuu.

Know what happened today? I went to school like normal & when I don't sleep or don't have enough sleep or I just feel lazy,I will skip my contact lens & just put on my glasses. I don't really care how I look like in school anyways,its not like there will be any modelling scout in school or whatsoever. Then during recess my friend,asked me the same question she always does when I break out.

Girl : "Are you having your period? Why is your face so full of pimples?"
Me : "I don't know,it's genes,stop asking me this type of questions."

Of course lah! If you ask me once I don't mind,but if so many times until I don't know how many fucking times then it can be really offending,it's not like I wake up in the morning & pray to God & say.

"Dear God,may today be full of blessing,full of bantastic-ness & may you bless me with A WHOLE FACE FULL OF PIMPLES. Amen!" -_______-


Diu! I also hate it when people say I don't take good care of my skin because I do. I spend alot of money on these zits on my face & I don't mind if people say I am pimply because I don't deny facts. But don't go point at my face & say "Yeeeeeee!!" or "Aiyer,why you got so many pimples?"

YOU THINK I CAN ANSWER THAT QUESTION? Because my skin is the one who is producing all this & I cannot control sebum re-production. I bet they don't even know what's that since they ask me stupid questions like why I got so many pimples which in NO way I can know the answer too because I am not my skin & I cannot communicate with my skin you damn morons.

And as for make up,I have to apply make up when I go out unless if I'm going somewhere near or when I'm feeling lazy,but I have the right to doll up because who wants to go out & show the world my "Brand New Zit that I haven't poke." Diu.
Very very offending. I swear if someone comments on my complexion again I will stab them with a fork or ask them,"You want to squeeze the zit for me ah?".
Plus I don't sleep well because I got sleeping problems plus its exam time now,I need to pull an all nighter to study alright? Damn. You can ask me,but if it's offending & if the question is stupid,I got no choice but to answer you back in a rude way,because I never demanded to have this sort of complexion in the 1st place. I already have tons of zits now I don't know why,I think period is coming,hope it goes fast because I am running out of pimple gel. And I refuse to get Benzoyl Peroxide because it's very drying (I told you I care about my skin).

Hello,kitty says "Fuck you"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The great race is on,come on let's join!

IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so gonna join,know why?

Churp Churp is making this legendary,we will be the racers & awesome gifts are waiting for us,such as the very awesome-ness awesome ....

The first prize is an Ipad 2

Second prize is a Blackberry Bold 3

Third prize is the ipod touch

Fourth prize are awesome pair of movie tickets

Help me up by clicking 
And joining in the race to race with me to win one of these 4 awesome prizes!
What are you waiting for? Come on now,even I'm joining,that BB Bold 3 looks so tempting :)
So,you win the ipad2,I get the BB Bold 3,deal??

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy but also bored to death

Firm up drink,costs only RM1,cheap so I bought to try it out,but no difference,wtf.

Gwyneth Paltrow for May's Harper's Bazaar Malaysia :)

I don't know if I mentioned this before,but both my cats,Baby & Elcee are adopted by a new family because apparently,my mum can't rare cats anymore,devastating but true,I just got to accept the fact. So,basically,she didn't inform me & just gave my cats away,which made me sob like a moron for hours,my eyes were so puffy & red that I had to apply tons of concealer to cover up my puffiness. I had moral the next day,I couldn't sleep & I forgot every single moral value,I memorized every damn thing but my mind was so darn pack that I forgot every single thing in a mere second,fuck the world. I think I won't get an A,definitely,but I just hope I pass T_T



I'm emo again.

You see how cute they are? Of course I would feel sad! I hug them all the time,plus during my english exam I wrote an essay about them,imagine that,once I came home they are out of my life. Shit happens,but it always happens to me. Not happy but what can I do? Just hope that they will be okay & adjust well to their new family,because no matter what I know they won't get any other awesome owner like me :) Cheer up Nia. I hope I don't cry again.

It's been a long time since I created any looks at Polyvore. So here's one!
Agyness Deyn + a lil bit of me
  • Checked cotton shirt See by ChloĆ©
  • Black top from H&M
  • Slim Stretched shorts from
  • Sam Edelman Laced platform bootie
  • Rebecca Minkoff boyfriend handbag in glazed black 
  • Bijoux Femme - Sac et Maroquinerie :
  • Glasses & Sunglasses - Accessories - TOPMAN

2NE1's new song & new video is also out! Downloaded the video & the song once it got out 

My favourite woman,look at what she's wearing,a Balmain jacket,I want one,its so pretty!

By the way guys.. I will be featured at Reebonz blog,so do check that out,will be posting the links once it's out. Take care & for those of you who are sitting for exams,good luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So long never do fashion post :(

I got so many things to blog about,because while sitting for exams,my mind wanders to nowhere & I awesomely had great ideas come storming into my awesome brain. Don't ask me how is exam,I want interesting comments! And I have 2 teachers that I wanna poke fun of,they are bloody annoying,but since I'm feeling kind today I'll poke fun about them at my next post,probably this coming weekend. So..let's see,whats new?

2NE1 is releasing their new song called "Lonely" tomorrow,damn,must go youtube see!

They are also having collaborations with of Black Eyed Peas,awesome eh? Can't wait!
CL,my favourite member,is blonde now,which is really making me sad because I wanna be blonde too.

Park Bom can sing live damn well,I love her.

Alexander McQueen dress!

Why is she so pretty?!

Thats it for now,I'm sorry,just a short update,I will post up something interesting soon,weekends post okay?
A polyvore mash ups & I will be selling off some clothes that I don't wear,full wardrobe right now,will put it up at a section in my blog,some dresses,shorts & some other things,stay tuned 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Songs that are too beautiful to describe

fix you.

Fix you by Coldplay (this band is too awesome)

I had the chance to chat with Nesh again,it was so sad I wanted to cry,I really miss her & its so sad to know that she's so far apart from me,all the way at Germany. We talked about life,we were talking about boys,we got so emo-ed up because boys made us so sad.

Damn the world is so unfair you know? I hate getting emo because of things like this,its just so lame,but I'm human too,its sad not because I'm done with everything,but because he seems so distant,its like he is not the same person anymore,talking with him now is not fun at all. He said he'll be my friend but everytime I talk to him I can't help but feel angry & have this sort of resentment towards him,I'm just so angry at everything,why things turn out this way,when it shouldn't be. Right on the 7th month,its so so unfair,he knows 7 is my favourite number,now I hate it,I start to hate everything I once love. Including him,its like there is nothing else to be happy about,like the lyrics of The Scripts "Breakeven".. What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?

The worse is that I'm having my exams,fuck the world,such a coincidence? Its not even fun. I just can't bring myself to talk to him in a proper manner,probably because I am a cold hearted person,once you did something that hurt me badly,I won't wanna talk to you,but him,its not that I don't wanna talk to him,its just that I don't know what to say & what to do anymore,its not like he'll care. I tell myself he's not worth my time,but those 7 months I had with him are the happiest times I had with a guy,he may not be everything but he's there to talk to me & he supports me in everything I do except smoking cigars (which I know is bad for health). He even supports me inking my 1st tattoo,not all guys are that open minded. He makes me feel pretty all the time,which rarely happens because I have very low self esteem & he's the type that understands my language & he knows many things about me,I don't think I need anything more than that,but all of a sudden we seldom talk & he's not my boyfriend anymore,its very hard to accept that,everyday I swallow the water collected in my eyes (tears) & write down my feelings in my diary but who cares? My diary can't solve my problem for me?

Day 50 of 365 - Cecelia Ahern

I just finished reading "Where Rainbows End.." by Cecelia Ahern,it was so beautiful I cried like a moron after reading it. Then the 1st thing that popped into my mind was "Fuck my life". I wish my life is as awesome as books,not all books,but maybe Sophie Kinsella books,where my life revolves around Balenciaga bags & such,which will never happen,damn it. I'm so moody & emo nowadays I wonder how can I even laugh at things & try to act all cheerful in places like school? Maybe because I hate acting all emo in front of people,that's not me. Well,fuck the world then. I wanna buy all of Cecelia Ahern books,seriously!

middle finger
See this kitty? If his digits weren't webbed together & he can separate each finger or claw or whatever like a human can,I guarantee you he is showing you his middle finger like this o0o

I won't be updating much,exams,sorry but yeah,I forbid myself.
Follow me on twitter if you guys wanna keep contact,do join,its fun :) I'm on it 24/7,see you guys there.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy "early" mama's day to all the mothers in this world!

Happy Mama's day mama! 

I look horribly pale,no make up :( Me & my forever young mum in a korean restaurant at Fahrenheit 88. Celebrated mothers day with my 2nd sister,the food was okay. Well,at least my mama was happy that day. I saw Starhill Gallery & Sephora!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to go there but it was raining,maybe next time? I'll bring a ton of cash to get at least ONE item from Sephora. 

Sick & lifeless creature :( Thank God my baby coral made me look alive.

I'm addicted to this,not perfume ah! This is used to spray my room or anywhere that has an unusual smell,as you can see,got picture of lily at the front,so it smells of lilies,heavenly scent,hmmmm 

Doing re-visions for exams next week :( At least I like science,but for maths,all I did was read the "how to use the calculator" page,bc my calculator is my only hope,fml T_T

Remember Churp Churp guys? Well,Nuffnang & Churp Churp are 2 main source of income. I'm not kidding! This is how I earn,so can you,all you gotta do is share the campaigns given & when you get unique clicks from your friends,attention.... "CLICKS" are the only thing needed,you earn,as simple as that. 

Join now! Click the image that will lead you to Churp Churp's home page.
Once your money reaches RM100,you are able to check out & receive your cash,just like that!
But be sure to advertise non stop & share your campaigns!
For more info please go to Churp Churp & remember to sign up :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Aiya,people can be so stupid sometimes,I am unhappy now

Yes,by FTW I mean fuck the world,literally. So pissed lah nowadays,I got so many bad things going on,I wonder how is my exam gonna turn out,like dog shit? Geezzz....I am tempted to write in my personal diary but what the heck,this is my blog,why not just write out my craps here? At least my readers know my life is also a "life" like any other,full of shits & all those unecessary things I call "Problems".
I need to rant,NOW!
I think I have english tomorrow,shit man,the teacher who is teaching me english is as lazy as a baboon I suggest he just go home & sleep all day,he talks crap,doesn't give us homework & when he does,he'll ask us to copy the answers,what the turf? You know WHY is he doing that? Because he doubts our english skills,WAHAHAHA now thats epic,a teacher looking down on his student's potential. YES I know my class may be the middle class,but there are people like me who are actually able to converse in proper english,what are you reading right now? ITS ENGLISH! Shit da la boom boom. Its been 5 months now (may lah now) & he haven't even start teaching us anything,just comes in class like a snail crawling,pick up kutu's from our head then leaves class,we ain't monkeys you moron,better start teaching or else your in danger! I will complain you ah!
Next. I came home from school today then the house is empty cause both mum & dad went to The Curve & I was so upset because I would have gotten the chance to eat my favourite meatballs at IKEA damn. #Iamindeepshit
And. Guess what? I don't think I should even talk about this,its personal,its crap,bull crap,if I were to start writing about it I'd cry & my sister's room will be filled with tissue's & she'd know I sneaked using the computer to blog about my miserable life T_T
Plus right now I'm so hungry I'm waiting for my mama to come back because she promised to dabao so many yummy food but its already don't know what time & I really cannot tahan liao I'll probably go make something lame to eat,but oh yeah I forgot I can't cook,ish.......bimbo.
Need to start doing an advert post also,or else no money T_T
I also made a poll,remember to answer the questions I ask!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

My gift from Reebonz Spring Clean Blogger Contest

Hey peepo's. How are all of you doing? Happy Labour day! I'm actually kinda upset right now over something,but ugh,I don't wanna think about it,so I decided to blog earlier bout something I promised to blog about at my previous post :)


I recieved my pressie from Reebonz! Wrapped in a big black box tied up in gold ribbon 


Tada! My very first Kate Spade bag :) considered my 1st designer bag too. I'm feeling awesome right now. I'm naming it baby Coral.

Its really funny,that morning on the 29th,I skipped class because of the Royal Wedding & because I didn't have any uniform to wear,how stupid,my mum forgot to dry up the clothes & I woke up all prepared to go to school,it was 6AM+ & its raining,quite heavily. I went back to sleep,then at 12PM my mum woke me up to greet my newly arrived bag,it felt awesome,it was epic!

Old Harper's Bazaar issue,bought it for only RM4.90,cheap like eff,plus Alexa's on the cover,you don't get to buy UK's Harper's Bazaar with that kinda price ya know.

I found this behind my tote,its really inspiring,seeing it reminds me to Have Courage all the time 

That's it.
I think I'll return to being emo again.
Dvd time now.