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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You think I want this meh?

Wah,today one bloody hell of a day,I didn't sleep the whole night trying to understand some mathematical problems,why can't math just grow up & solve their own problems? -_____- Damn ffffuuuuuuu.

Know what happened today? I went to school like normal & when I don't sleep or don't have enough sleep or I just feel lazy,I will skip my contact lens & just put on my glasses. I don't really care how I look like in school anyways,its not like there will be any modelling scout in school or whatsoever. Then during recess my friend,asked me the same question she always does when I break out.

Girl : "Are you having your period? Why is your face so full of pimples?"
Me : "I don't know,it's genes,stop asking me this type of questions."

Of course lah! If you ask me once I don't mind,but if so many times until I don't know how many fucking times then it can be really offending,it's not like I wake up in the morning & pray to God & say.

"Dear God,may today be full of blessing,full of bantastic-ness & may you bless me with A WHOLE FACE FULL OF PIMPLES. Amen!" -_______-


Diu! I also hate it when people say I don't take good care of my skin because I do. I spend alot of money on these zits on my face & I don't mind if people say I am pimply because I don't deny facts. But don't go point at my face & say "Yeeeeeee!!" or "Aiyer,why you got so many pimples?"

YOU THINK I CAN ANSWER THAT QUESTION? Because my skin is the one who is producing all this & I cannot control sebum re-production. I bet they don't even know what's that since they ask me stupid questions like why I got so many pimples which in NO way I can know the answer too because I am not my skin & I cannot communicate with my skin you damn morons.

And as for make up,I have to apply make up when I go out unless if I'm going somewhere near or when I'm feeling lazy,but I have the right to doll up because who wants to go out & show the world my "Brand New Zit that I haven't poke." Diu.
Very very offending. I swear if someone comments on my complexion again I will stab them with a fork or ask them,"You want to squeeze the zit for me ah?".
Plus I don't sleep well because I got sleeping problems plus its exam time now,I need to pull an all nighter to study alright? Damn. You can ask me,but if it's offending & if the question is stupid,I got no choice but to answer you back in a rude way,because I never demanded to have this sort of complexion in the 1st place. I already have tons of zits now I don't know why,I think period is coming,hope it goes fast because I am running out of pimple gel. And I refuse to get Benzoyl Peroxide because it's very drying (I told you I care about my skin).

Hello,kitty says "Fuck you"