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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So long never do fashion post :(

I got so many things to blog about,because while sitting for exams,my mind wanders to nowhere & I awesomely had great ideas come storming into my awesome brain. Don't ask me how is exam,I want interesting comments! And I have 2 teachers that I wanna poke fun of,they are bloody annoying,but since I'm feeling kind today I'll poke fun about them at my next post,probably this coming weekend. So..let's see,whats new?

2NE1 is releasing their new song called "Lonely" tomorrow,damn,must go youtube see!

They are also having collaborations with of Black Eyed Peas,awesome eh? Can't wait!
CL,my favourite member,is blonde now,which is really making me sad because I wanna be blonde too.

Park Bom can sing live damn well,I love her.

Alexander McQueen dress!

Why is she so pretty?!

Thats it for now,I'm sorry,just a short update,I will post up something interesting soon,weekends post okay?
A polyvore mash ups & I will be selling off some clothes that I don't wear,full wardrobe right now,will put it up at a section in my blog,some dresses,shorts & some other things,stay tuned 

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