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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I don't know why did I even refer this person as a friend.

A song dedicated to someone who I really don't wanna refer as a friend for now because he is just super unfair & just so moron-ish. Before I make my blog look like some teen angst & anger release website,I am just simply blogging for the sake of satisfaction because I am really not quite happy with this person. AIYO!

I was bored,very bored,I did almost everything,even listened to 'Friday' at you tube,googled myself & went in & out of Facebook & Twitter to find some interesting things or notifications,not even 1 person layan me so I just continued doing nothing until.......................... I SAW SOMETHING -_________-

"Go help me click like ah! This is for my friend XXX! Remember to share ah!"

WTF???!!!!!!!! You kidding me? Know why I'm so mad? It's because this person happens to be an epic person,my close friend,someone I actually refer as a best friend & know what's worse? He only finds me when he needs me & remember that Reebonz contest I had? Where I need to get people to "like" my design on the official Reebonz fan page? Omfg that was a long time ago,not so long lah but come on! 

I am very very mad & upset because I used up ALOT of time pasting links onto people's walls & blogged & tweeted about it just to garner votes. I was freaking mad that some didn't support me,but if it's someone I don't know then I actually don't mind,but this person happens to be my friend,not just any friend,a close friend! Then now he is using so much of his energy to promote this so called pretty friend of his. So he didn't help me because of what? I am ugly? Oh okay then. But what about being my friend & helping me because I am your friend? He didn't help me "like" my design & he didn't bother to help me share. OK FINE. And some people go help me support other people also,this is so stupid words cannot describe their stupidity. If you happen to be those people that also go there & "like" other people's designs,aha your stupid! Know why? If you don't me personally then it's okay but if you know me & I clearly know you,then you very stupid! Because I am your friend,HELP ME LAH! Why go help me "support" other people also? Don't you know by doing that it will increase other people's "likes" which will make me go gaga & gila gila go ask other people to help me increase my "likes" -_____-  People are so funny sometimes,let's laugh,HAHAHAHA!

Call me desperate to win but no I'm not,it's just that when your competing in a contest of course you would want to win,right??! Who the hell wants to loose when you got rewards waiting? Damn. I was planning to use that gift voucher to get something for my mama & sister some more -______-

Sometimes I wonder how some girls who pose cutely & look like ghost with straight hair & pale face gets so many damn kukumalu votes for 1 stupid picture when I suffered & almost didn't eat the whole day posting links on people's walls??!! Walao eh. Not only me,my ex also gila gila mati mati helped me,he even got so pissed I didn't win that part of the contest (even though I did win the bag). You see???? I only got 100+ votes among 2k of "friends" in my friends list,I also noticed a lot of the "likes" come from my ex's friends which most are not my friends on facebook but are still willing to help me! But seems like my own friend doesn't. People are so funny nowadays,let's laugh again,HAHAHHAH.

Then when I see the photo that this friend of mine helped share,she got like 900+ votes,nearly 1k & what did I get? I should have created a nuclear bomb & bombed this guy a long long time ago if I knew what a dick he is -______- Excuse me *cough cough* I got every right to be mad about this. When I had problems I do tell him my problems plus I really care bout this guy,he is like a brother,I know his past & his stories,I always talk about him. But everytime I see him online he always looks as if he doesn't know me,he never mentioned me,he never really thanked me for something I planned for him during his birthday,he never actually referred me as his best friend also. Can I cry? It's sad,sort of. I wanna cry while holding a gigantic fork stabbing a toy donkey screaming "WHY WHY WHY WHY?!".

People are so funny,let's laugh for the 3rd time people,HAHAHAHA!