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Sunday, May 01, 2011

My gift from Reebonz Spring Clean Blogger Contest

Hey peepo's. How are all of you doing? Happy Labour day! I'm actually kinda upset right now over something,but ugh,I don't wanna think about it,so I decided to blog earlier bout something I promised to blog about at my previous post :)


I recieved my pressie from Reebonz! Wrapped in a big black box tied up in gold ribbon 


Tada! My very first Kate Spade bag :) considered my 1st designer bag too. I'm feeling awesome right now. I'm naming it baby Coral.

Its really funny,that morning on the 29th,I skipped class because of the Royal Wedding & because I didn't have any uniform to wear,how stupid,my mum forgot to dry up the clothes & I woke up all prepared to go to school,it was 6AM+ & its raining,quite heavily. I went back to sleep,then at 12PM my mum woke me up to greet my newly arrived bag,it felt awesome,it was epic!

Old Harper's Bazaar issue,bought it for only RM4.90,cheap like eff,plus Alexa's on the cover,you don't get to buy UK's Harper's Bazaar with that kinda price ya know.

I found this behind my tote,its really inspiring,seeing it reminds me to Have Courage all the time 

That's it.
I think I'll return to being emo again.
Dvd time now.

1 comment:

Tereza Anton said...

Amazing bag, I love the color.