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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beautiful things I found at 3AM

It's 3.25AM now & I am still awake & blogging,plus I have to go out at 9AM later.
I found these awesome pieces from asos,let the pictures do the talking :)

Bodycon dress with mesh insert

Pleated bandeau dress with curved neckline

Boyfriend blazer

I also saw these wonderful new designs from Charles & Keith the other day I went to The Curve,I am a big big fan of Charles & Keith,already 1 of my favourite shops,they have quality items & they are affordable not to mention the designs are always gorgeous,out of this world shoes & bags.

Autumn Winter 2011 FOREST TALES & WILD LIFE ones that caught my eye

Oh no,the black colour 1,so pretty.


I love how autumn looks,I love camel shades & I love the blacks & the leopard prints. 
There is specifically ONE very beautiful bag my sister carried in the store which is a brown sling bag with a hint of leopard prints & a big fluffy tassel,around RM189,I think I'll get that for my sis as a pressie & at the same time,share it with her *evil laugh*
And thank you so much for making my dull life better day by day!  I recieved over a thousand views this week! xoxo 

Monday, August 29, 2011

So many new clothes lately! + sleepover with T

I've been a really good shopper lately :) I usually plan really well what I need & only buy what I need but this time I got lucky to have some stuffs given to me & I also usually share clothes with my sister SO today I followed my mom out to IPC & The Curve & shopped around,bought T-shirts & this really adorable monochromatic stripes shorts that can elongate my legs cuz the stripes are all downwards,how awesome is that?? I'm in love with jumpers too! I spot some really adorable ones from forever21 site.

A couple of T-shirts,tops,shorts & September's Vivi.

Miliyah Kato on the cover,I loved her since the moment I bought my 1st ever Vivi issue,the September 2009 issue :)

T came over to my house last friday night (Katy Perry song)! For 1 night sleepover :) I like calling people by their name's 1st alphabet so if you're wondering who she might be,her name is Tianesh,aha. She is gonna go back to Germany on the 31st so we just HAVE to meet cuz we're really close & since I can't go over anymore (I spent too much time at her place my mom's starting to worry lol). See what we did...just had our usual girl talks,webcam with K,play angry birds,eat & the next day unexpectedly my sis brought us out so it was nice :)

A stack of pantyliner boxes on the table if you notice,the pinks ones,lmao!

I'm just gonna leave them at a medium size cuz we both look horrible (no offence T) & if I do make it large the pictures will be all blurry thanks to the awesome-ness of an iphone 3G. I'm having trials after this 1 week holiday,I think I said this before but yeah,I have to study & I am really considering dropping economy cuz I don't get what's going on + I don't wanna torture myself studying something I got no interest in,this is why I hate Malaysian education system for giving us 'streams'...

Tada!!! Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 

It's finally here it just totally epic! Who wouldn't want it?? Believe me or not but the tablet weighs the same as 1 cup of coffee & is as thin as a pencil! Plus the battery lasts for 9 long hours,perfect for those of you who likes to go out & have fun while taking a really cool gadget out with you,super light & has awesome battery to keep you entertained. 

Reasons why you would love this :)
1. super-fast 1 GHz Dual Core processor
2. endless data sharing capabilities
3. using latest version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb

Surfing the web will be really smooth & no lag or disconnection's plus editing & viewing microsoft office will be a breeze. SNS service in the tab also allows you to connect with your friends & family & you can download everything super fast with its advanced +HSPA connectivity :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The little shit that people trip over.

The people that I write about,no matter where it is,they are so lucky to even land in my head in the first place,the thought of me having thoughts of them is something beyond amazing because I only occupy my mind with interesting people who are worth my brain cells. -Nia Leah

I can write about people in a million offending ways & make it big & eventually make people so hurt & offended they might even contemplate suicide. I know I sound so scary but yeah,I have that capability. I am so pissed & angry right now,I don't even update my blog daily but I just had to come up & blog because there is clearly some weird stupid assumptions & misunderstanding. People trip over the smallest shit. It's amazing how some people pay so much attention to the little things you say & make it sound so big & make it such an issue. I hate people who trip over the tiniest piece of shit,like ants shit. YES they trip over the tiniest shit in this big big world.


I am not even writing about anybody,these are just random shits that human beings write when they have something in their mind. God knows I wouldn't write bad stuff on facebook! I don't know why this person makes a big deal out of my statuses?! GET A LIFE perhaps?

I hate people who are overly concerned & just HAVE to bash & criticize all the things you talk & say & do without even understanding the situation you're going through.

Whenever i post something up on facebook,whether its cursing or just a random status,despite all the shit words I use,I don't even mean them in a bad way. To me,you have the freedom to write anything on facebook as long as it's not insulting or threatening in any sense. Go to facebook now,see inside that box where you type your status. SEE THAT BLOODY 'what's on your mind?'

24 August 2011 4:56PM

Medicine for my mild fever. The worst is my throat,I've been getting this weird sensation,like the feeling of a mini rambutan stuck in my throat,it itches!!! And when I drink,I feel it! The worst thing is I have to drink many times a day to heal! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh this sucks. I haven't even eaten my meds because I haven't eaten. NO appetite plus I don't know what to eat,maybe I'll have some buns later,sigh..pelican fly. 

Nia sweetie, get your life back to normal as soon as you can. You have a successful month coming up so try to get all the chores done as you are about to land something big that will need all your brain energy. Someone may approach you that has a lot of knowledge regarding the kind of business you are interested in. Research will be fun as everything is made easier thanks to someone's wonderful support. You will do great! (My horoscope prediction,lets hope it's true & yeah,I need to get my life back as soon as I can & YES I have to do something that needs a lot of brain energy,sigh. Good luck to me. I've been slacking in class & I don't have the mood to study & I got trials after hari raya holidays.) GOD BLESS ME

Monday, August 22, 2011

This is gonna be a tiring week

My best friend T 

I slept the whole day in class today,it was horrible,not only I feel bad for my teachers,I also felt horrible cuz of the lack of sleep & the pounding in my head. I'm gonna be super busy with books books books!! Even though I'm gonna have super holiday next week but I still gotta study study! No way I can study non stop the whole day but I have to study little by little,even though it's only trials but I still gotta do my best.




This dog's name is Cotton,I read about her from Paws mission blog,she's so bloody cute la! Made my day seeing her adorable face,she got a massage for being so cheerful & smiley, easy being a dog eh,I'm cheerful & smiley all the time & I didn't even get a massage -_____- I haven't been doing adverts or whatever for a long long time but thank god money is still pouring down my account,I don't focus on making money or whatever through blogging,I just blog for fun so it doesn't really matter. It's amazing how some pretty girls blog bout nothing,maybe about their recent trips to clubs & stuffs & they become so damn popular. Ahhh well I am still underaged & I'm not that ballsy to enter & sneak into clubs so I'm not gonna do that. Want to know how my skin is doing? Yes it's going great,thank God.

I'm just facing one of those moments where I don't know exactly what to think about & what to do,I'm lost.

Remember my small little plan to re-decorate my room? Yes it's still on,I am still gonna collect some interesting posters & pictures to cover up my whole wall,wrap my storage boxes with some wrapping paper,get a new bed sheet,some lamps,all that little things that a girl should have 

Check her out - Sarah Hyland
This chick has an awesome sense of style

photo via

Sarah Hyland Jewelry
photo via

photo via

Sarah Hyland Hawaiian Hotties: Sarah Hyland & her beau Matt Prokop enjoy a stroll in Maui. Sarah, who is currently filming scenes for "Modern Family" has been Tweeting about her trip to Maui, saying, "Just so happy. It's paradise. I'm never leaving" and "Filming has never been more beautiful".
photo via

Sarah Hyland and boyfriend Matt Prokop attended the opening night of the musical Avenue Q at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood last night, March 1
photo via

I am terribly tired of posting pictures of other people's style when I got my own things going on,aha. Can't wait for my freaking camera! One with a flippy screen! My sis got a new phone yesterday,she got herself a HTC Desire HD,know what I got? I got a handful of swag,I don't really care about phones but oh man living without a camera is just sad,I don't think I'm going for tuition,I feel lazy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Why so miserable?

She thinks she's the only one who's unhappy in life,the only one who goes through rough patches,the only one who is sad that things don't turn out good. Well she's wrong,everybody has their own problems too but why do some people seem like they have no problems? I guess they are just better at hiding their problems simply because they don't want to be unhappy all the time. While some people like me just refuse to be unhappy,I don't know,I'm just so against emo people & people who trip over the smallest shit in their life. I don't know what is SHE so unhappy about but I am also unhappy because......................

I wanna be like Alexa Chung cuz she's dating Alex Turner which is awesome.

I wanna be Kendall Jenner because she's tall & has the perfect body for me.

I wanna have a happy family like Angelina & Brad's.
I wanna have a long & sweet relationship. A real one.

I wanna stay at home & read GG & watch GG all day long every day every year all the time.

I wanna eat ice cream everyday. Especially very berry strawberry.

Why do I still survive? Why am I still cheerful? It's easy. It's just a part of life. Nothing can make you upset unless you let it upset you first. Trust me I am making a lot of sense. Back when I was dating my ex I was an emo person too but life slowly changed after I start taking control of my emotions & not let my moods control me. I don't like upset people ruining my life & my mood,I choose my mood & my how things go in my life. I don't understand how she can be upset when she clearly knows I'm happy. There are times when I wish she can just be happy for me instead of saying shits. But that's just how she is,I love her but I am starting to dislike her attitude & her perspective towards life. Nothing is perfect in life,it will never be either. 

If you ever get upset with something,don't let your anger out on people,do something,open a blog or whatever. People don't like being scolded at for nothing. And don't stay cranky for more than a day,don't sleep with tears on your eyes & don't sleep angry. Don't let frustration take control of you & don't let your life go into pieces. Sigh.....pelican fly.