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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The little shit that people trip over.

The people that I write about,no matter where it is,they are so lucky to even land in my head in the first place,the thought of me having thoughts of them is something beyond amazing because I only occupy my mind with interesting people who are worth my brain cells. -Nia Leah

I can write about people in a million offending ways & make it big & eventually make people so hurt & offended they might even contemplate suicide. I know I sound so scary but yeah,I have that capability. I am so pissed & angry right now,I don't even update my blog daily but I just had to come up & blog because there is clearly some weird stupid assumptions & misunderstanding. People trip over the smallest shit. It's amazing how some people pay so much attention to the little things you say & make it sound so big & make it such an issue. I hate people who trip over the tiniest piece of shit,like ants shit. YES they trip over the tiniest shit in this big big world.


I am not even writing about anybody,these are just random shits that human beings write when they have something in their mind. God knows I wouldn't write bad stuff on facebook! I don't know why this person makes a big deal out of my statuses?! GET A LIFE perhaps?

I hate people who are overly concerned & just HAVE to bash & criticize all the things you talk & say & do without even understanding the situation you're going through.

Whenever i post something up on facebook,whether its cursing or just a random status,despite all the shit words I use,I don't even mean them in a bad way. To me,you have the freedom to write anything on facebook as long as it's not insulting or threatening in any sense. Go to facebook now,see inside that box where you type your status. SEE THAT BLOODY 'what's on your mind?'

24 August 2011 4:56PM

Medicine for my mild fever. The worst is my throat,I've been getting this weird sensation,like the feeling of a mini rambutan stuck in my throat,it itches!!! And when I drink,I feel it! The worst thing is I have to drink many times a day to heal! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh this sucks. I haven't even eaten my meds because I haven't eaten. NO appetite plus I don't know what to eat,maybe I'll have some buns later,sigh..pelican fly. 

Nia sweetie, get your life back to normal as soon as you can. You have a successful month coming up so try to get all the chores done as you are about to land something big that will need all your brain energy. Someone may approach you that has a lot of knowledge regarding the kind of business you are interested in. Research will be fun as everything is made easier thanks to someone's wonderful support. You will do great! (My horoscope prediction,lets hope it's true & yeah,I need to get my life back as soon as I can & YES I have to do something that needs a lot of brain energy,sigh. Good luck to me. I've been slacking in class & I don't have the mood to study & I got trials after hari raya holidays.) GOD BLESS ME