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Monday, August 29, 2011

So many new clothes lately! + sleepover with T

I've been a really good shopper lately :) I usually plan really well what I need & only buy what I need but this time I got lucky to have some stuffs given to me & I also usually share clothes with my sister SO today I followed my mom out to IPC & The Curve & shopped around,bought T-shirts & this really adorable monochromatic stripes shorts that can elongate my legs cuz the stripes are all downwards,how awesome is that?? I'm in love with jumpers too! I spot some really adorable ones from forever21 site.

A couple of T-shirts,tops,shorts & September's Vivi.

Miliyah Kato on the cover,I loved her since the moment I bought my 1st ever Vivi issue,the September 2009 issue :)

T came over to my house last friday night (Katy Perry song)! For 1 night sleepover :) I like calling people by their name's 1st alphabet so if you're wondering who she might be,her name is Tianesh,aha. She is gonna go back to Germany on the 31st so we just HAVE to meet cuz we're really close & since I can't go over anymore (I spent too much time at her place my mom's starting to worry lol). See what we did...just had our usual girl talks,webcam with K,play angry birds,eat & the next day unexpectedly my sis brought us out so it was nice :)

A stack of pantyliner boxes on the table if you notice,the pinks ones,lmao!

I'm just gonna leave them at a medium size cuz we both look horrible (no offence T) & if I do make it large the pictures will be all blurry thanks to the awesome-ness of an iphone 3G. I'm having trials after this 1 week holiday,I think I said this before but yeah,I have to study & I am really considering dropping economy cuz I don't get what's going on + I don't wanna torture myself studying something I got no interest in,this is why I hate Malaysian education system for giving us 'streams'...

Tada!!! Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 

It's finally here it just totally epic! Who wouldn't want it?? Believe me or not but the tablet weighs the same as 1 cup of coffee & is as thin as a pencil! Plus the battery lasts for 9 long hours,perfect for those of you who likes to go out & have fun while taking a really cool gadget out with you,super light & has awesome battery to keep you entertained. 

Reasons why you would love this :)
1. super-fast 1 GHz Dual Core processor
2. endless data sharing capabilities
3. using latest version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb

Surfing the web will be really smooth & no lag or disconnection's plus editing & viewing microsoft office will be a breeze. SNS service in the tab also allows you to connect with your friends & family & you can download everything super fast with its advanced +HSPA connectivity :)