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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Beautiful girls all over the world.

Fuhhhhhhhhhh I'm tired. I just came back from KL with my sis & mom,went to Bukit Bintang to send my mom to a massage parlour because she needs some pampering,good news is I didn't buy anything because I don't really have anything in mind so that means NO MONEY SPENT! Yay! No pictures taken,me being a total failure when it comes to blogging because I don't have photos,blame me for not having a camera. Anyways,we had lunch at sushi zanmai & while my mom had her massage,me & my sis got an hour to walk around in Sungai Wang,I seldom hang out there cuz I think that place is super packed,it's like being in a sardine can.

But I bought the perfect pair of jeans yesterday & a long sleeved top because I have very little long sleeved tops! *clapping hands*

You're not human if you don't own denim.

I also saw many many pretty girls at the streets of KL,all sorts of races,all sorts of style & I like observing them,sometimes when I stare,they'll stare back & smile,while some just give me the lansi look,but it's okay,I appreciate the ones who smile :) Remember when I said I'm buying a camera next year? I dslr? Yeah,I'm gonna use it to take photos of all these beautiful girls I see,capture their style,I just like doing all these things,they make me happy,maybe you'd think I'll snap a photo of a girl who looks like miss Malaysia but no lah,I like something different,I like to see chubby girls who can dress really well despite their sizes,I like seeing dark skinned girls who dare to try bold colours & wear all the right things,I like seeing someone who has all the guts in the world to wear stage outfits out,or a body full of tattoos,these people are filled with awesome-ness.



I have a tendency to compare myself to other girls,especially if they are prettier,is it just me,or I always feel like my looks matter? Yeah maybe our looks do matter but I don't wanna get obsessed with it,I have very bad insecurities,low self esteem,but still I have some friends who thinks I carry myself like a model,which is weird,but yeah,I think you gotta do the best out of yourself,that's why I'm good in hiding my flaws,but there are days where I feel tired of hiding,so I flaunt my flaws,to see who'll accept me for me,I brace myself to know who'll betray me & reject me,those who did choose to go away & ignore me,let's just say I gave them a fuck off sign too. At the end of the day,I choose to be real,even though I get depressed when I feel like I'm not good enough,but that's just life. If life were to be so easy,why live in the first place? I don't know about you,but I'm not gonna say something cheesy like "be true to yourself & believe in yourself" 

I wanna be a better version of me.