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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Double Identity


I think,no matter who dates who,I always prefer Serena with Dan,they look so good together I swear everytime I see them together I squeal. Season 4 of GG is airing now on 8tv,I just watched the 2nd episode yesterday,I really really love GG more,any other GG fans here?? LEAVE A COMMENT PLEASE! 


Better yet,if you have the download link or anything please share,I wanna watch the 1st episode from season 4,I'm dying here! Tianesh (my girlfriend) told me she watched whole of season 4 at Germany already & Malaysian tv is showing it now??! Slow service I say. I love my hair now :) Even though i have to go through a grueling process to make it perfect,requires blow dry,a straightening iron,wide tooth comb,some hair styling products & my own hands of course,but it's worth it,took a couple of months to make it grow to the perfect length & shape,thank God it's perfect now! I don't know what hair style this is,but it's a rip off from someone I saw at facebook + a mix of some emo hair + a mix of Christina Grimmie's. Kinda looks like this.


Goodbye now,xoxo!