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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Please do vote for me :)
My "likes" are so little so I need some help,pretty please!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Try news things with LIBRESSE


Since little,I've always wanted to bungee jump,it is very scary but you'll never know unless you try,it might be fun :) 

Other than that,I exercise too & I also used to love dancing,but as girl,you know what I mean,we get our shitty days where we bloody days come & we have to go through our periods. 


And the we go through the usual period pain.

Even when our boyfriend brings us out for a trip to the movies or just for dinner we'll surely have

But then again.......

This is why LIBRESSE is here to rescue us girls from those days when menstrual cramps make us suffer & we can't do anything but laze at home because its difficult to be active thanks to leaking pads!
LIBRESSE cares about absorbing all your disgusting goo & making you feel fresh the whole day so you can stay active & play the whole damn day,believe me,I myself is also a LIBRESSE owner & I personally love using the maxi wings not only at night but during day because its comfortable & I don't have to freaking check if there are any leaks or not because LIBRESSE is there to take care of me.

Unlike other brands,LIBRESSE specially concentrates on fitting to the shape of your body to prevent leakings & to also give you comfort during your bloody days. Now you can box,run,jump or kill whoever you want!

So tell your friends & family about LIBRESSE because you need to try it to love it :)

To help what Adibah should do next. 

Or click this for the chinese video to help Pam & Van make their choice.

You & I both know that 


Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hello hello! How are all of you? :) I've been going through plenty of up's & downs,but thats life.
I've just returned from a movie night out with him,we watched Rango,not that funny actually but at least it didn't really sucked,had a great time with him,hehe,as usual. Remember the Reebonz spring clean blogger contest? And Guess what?
After I came home,I checked my email & recieved this email with the title

Congratulations Nia- You are one of the winners of the Reebonz Spring Clean contest!

I went,what the fuck is this true? Checked to see it,yes its true! Read halfway & realized that the marketing manager wrote wrongly,she announced that I won the Balenciaga bag,but when I checked again,she said I won the Kate Spade then *screamssssssssss*

Yes,that's one of the ups that happened in this lousy month of march,at least something good happened,plus it turns out to be real good. By the way har,not only will I win the bag,Reebonz will also be making a poll for the 2nd round so remember to vote for me! You can check out my designs here if you haven't seen any of it at all. Teehee :D

Yes that picture,taken with webcam,not really clear,but I'm so loving my new Za 2 way cake! 

Mine's exactly the same case,sleek & chic,how awesome would it be if I can get the LE edition but too bad,don't have! So I just grabbed this,have been wanting it for quite some time,only costs 40+ for both the pretty pink case & the cake itself plus it has the sponge included,to me,its best to use it wet,for better coverage :) I only wore it on its own without any concealer or BB cream & he says my skin looks nice,so means that this pretty little thing helped me get better complexion,I guess the effect would be even better when paired with a good concealer & concealer brush,hor? Read reviews of it here. Well,its not exactly a review but its described pretty well there.

I am also gonna chop off my pretty hair! Yup,I've considered,get a short do,when I say short,I'll make it short hell yeah. I told him & he didn't mind,I know he thinks I'm pretty anyhow :) So,how ah? I think Rihanna's type not bad,the main reason why I wanna chop it all off is cuz I wanna grow it all over again,my hair is thinning kinda badly & even though I know this is a myth,but I want my hair to grow all over again,probably it would be better & thicker. Plus,in a crowd full of hot girls with long hair,I'd be the cool girl with the short hair,how unique,hor? Some pictures of the Rihanna hair 

Front view,not bad right?

Looks real good! There's another hairstyle I have in mind,its from Vivi :) See how things go,but I just can't wait to cut! So leave some opinions,and please don't beg me not to cut,cuz I really want to. By the way,about that favicon on my blog title,yes,if you've been to Topshop's site you'd noticed that they're almost alike & no I didn't steal it from there :) 

Here's the video of her with this pixie cut. Love the song too!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Very gorgeous

Click the photo to go to

She once again posted the short post I wrote about her :) Thank you,I did recieve plenty of visitors from your blog I'm thankful & touched 

I finally got some of my exams results today,not talking about maths,but so far,the rest are quite satisfying,not excellent,but I did way better than before,even my history teacher was shocked,I wasn't expecting this,but a little bit of studying did make a difference,I'm gonna study real harder for BETTER results! 
If you are a friend at facebook,you'd know about the post I wrote,about the sex thingy,hahahaha. 
Yeah,maybe I did offend the girl,but people can sometimes be so damn annoying,aitelluuu.............
I was thinking,should I cut off my hair? Chop it off? Cuz my hair is thinning quite badly,can someone help? :(
I can't afford treatments,I am using hair fall shampoo's but doesn't seem to make much difference,maybe if I cut it all off it'll grow? GOSH I'm in a dilemma. 
I kinda wanna keep it long this time,I never keep my hair long since small.


Currently REALLY loving D&G's looks from the 2011 spring summer collection at Milan's fashion week  
Not only wearable,also very gorgeous & feminine with all the floral prints & light colours.

Notice how the prints are the same? Very creative & pretty :)
I hearts the middle look alot,all carrying oversized bags with different colours & the same kind of wedges with a cute flower tied to the side,so spring
A few of my favourites 

D&G Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

D&G Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

D&G Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

D&G Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

D&G Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

D&G Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

D&G Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Enough liao lah,all I can say is that D&G is probably one of the brands & designers that I love.
Seeing their clothes makes me drool,next...I'll be talking bout their other collection.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 things that are ruling the runway

I've decided to blog bout something since the last post was about Daphne. There's something I'm kinda stressed about but I'm not gonna write it here wtf. Thanks to the "I love" post that I wrote I have been getting tons of views & unique visitors & most of them come from Daphne's blog,it is nice but I'm kinda sad that no one really actually  read my materials,am I really that boring? :S One particular reader/friend even said my blog IS boring because I blog about nothing,what the heck is that suppose to mean? I do blog about fashion,that's the main thing I blog about,I do advertorials & write some personal stuffs,but this so called friend of mine said that no one reads about fashion & I don't think thats true,that's just absurd,I guess this person only wanders around 99 cents slippers to say that people don't read fashion,geez.

Skip the crap,we just heard & know that now is the season where everyone is talking bout the runways,what's in & what's out. Socialites,celebrities that sit in front rows of fashion shows should be shocked by how much difference designers put in their collection this season,surprisingly,things change,every season,there must be something that's gonna be out but something that used to be out becomes the IN thing again,proves that fashion has no boundaries & who ever dresses without rules are the ones that stand out the most. Agree?

The top 5 looks I notice that are hitting,ruling & rocking the runways.

1. Lots & lots of colours.
Not the light & boring kinds,but the bright ones,some very hideous colours like banana yellow that sometimes can look horrible can transform into something beautiful. Designers are combining many different colours & getting creative with them,very striking indeed. If your curvy,opt for darker colours & vertical blocks.

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2011 Runway
Sonia Rykiel

Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 Runway
Louis Vuitton

2. Wide legged anything.
Skinny jeans are so in,I still wear them often,but wide legged pants can be really flattering too,to me,dark colours are the best & most versatile,not only comfortable,looks uber hot if matched with high heels & a tucked in shirt,if you feel that its too boring,get printed ones. I love the ones from Max Azria. 

Max Azria Atelier Spring 2011 Runway

Max Azria Atelier Spring 2011 Runway
Max Azria

3. Mixed Prints.
Try mixing a polka dot blouse with striped shorts. If mixed & matched well,can look really cute. If your brave,just mix everything together,who knows? You might be an icon :) But if your like me,to avoid looking like a clown,choose colours that compliment each other,I usually match any colour with black since its my staple colour,if your not that bold,you can start by wearing printed shoes,accessories & bags.

Miu Miu Spring 2011 Runway

Miu Miu Spring 2011 Runway
Miu Miu

4. The 70's are back.
I love this :) Vintage is always the best,classic pieces are more versatile than modern pieces,to me personally. Big shoulders,wide legged anything,jumpsuits,big hats & high platforms. Flip through every magazine & you know all these clothings look like these,the 70's are back,but more sophisticated. I especially love the ones from Marc Jacobs,the jumpsuits are gorgeous!

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2011 Runway
Yves Saint Lauren

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Runway
Marc Jacobs

5. Minimalism
Shocked to know,I have always been a minimalism kind of girl,with my Calvin Klein denim shorts & a plain tee. I always love the effortless chic look,normally in monochrome & toned down hues,they are the easiest to match with when you need a change. This look is my favourite,first rule is to always stick to black,white and muted tones & don't wear too much accessories.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2011 Runway
Bottega Veneta

Calvin Klein Fall 2010 Runway
Calvin Klein

All courtesy of female magazine online but with a little mix match of my own opinions & tips 

Raw footage from Japan's Tsunami.
Omo.....everything just happened in 6 minutes. People,please do pray for Japan,even houses moved,imagine if this happens to us. Let's try to make donations if possible & pray the best for every single citizen of Japan. Share the love,they need us.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I love


When you blog,people get attracted to you because of many reasons,I get attracted by so many sorts of bloggers but I have to say when it comes to some personal problems I like visiting Daphne's blog,it feels as if she's my sister cuz we both love our mom so very dearly 

Lately,now actually,I'm in the middle of misery because of family problems,I'm not gonna really blog about it anymore after this but I'm sharing it now. Mom's busy with something else,dad is busy with something else,I don't really know where my parents are either. Some bloggers,their life can be so perfect that you don't know what to do but to complain how your life sucks,yeah man (usher style) life does suck sometimes. I like how Daphne is able to go through her life through out secondary school,she's so strong,everytime I read her blog makes me wanna protect my mom even more. Life's not easy I know,so sometimes seeing her being so glitzy & glamorous but also having problems makes me remember that she's like every other human too,so Daphne...your very easy to relate to,that's why I love you & your blog! I wrote this to you not only because I wanna support your giveaway contest,but to tell you how much lurrrve I have for you & your blog :)

I love my mom alot.
I'm glad that I know someone who loves her mom as much as I do too,I know you'll make it far in life cuz your so brave & sweet :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A day out

Went out for a little grocery shopping + movie with my second sister today. Watched Beastly,I discovered another hottie + awesome actor yet again! Don't see the picture of him ugly here,he's actually hot,& has this really piercing eyes,also saw an ad for Robert Pattinson's new movie with Reese Witherspoon called "Water for Elephants",seems nice :) Something to look forward to other than "Rango"!

I think the boyfriend would wanna have his body,tsk tsk :D
My sis thinks the movie is cheesy but I like it,I think the boyfriend would like it too since he's such a romantic person in heart,you guys should go check it out,especially at MBO Kepong,so little people,me & my sis love watching our movies there,less jam,less people & there's a nice restaurant that sells quite delicious food there. But not the greatest mall ever la,but heck...all we need is some place to hang out :)

I wore.............Nothing but a plain black tee,denim shorts,a sling bag & black pumps & a gold mickey mouse necklace that I had since I was 7.





Make up - Concealer,light sweeps of loose powder.

I can't use thick make up due to my pimply skin but its slowly improving thanks to a product,I will for sure do a review about it when my zits are all clear,since its slowly going away anyways. Yeah...nothing much,I bought my very own first two way foundation from Za :) After reading tons of reviews I knew that "this" would be the one I wanna get,I'm already 17 so I decided to try some make up products that adults use,plus it'll be fun to try out some new products anyways.


Was shocked to know we have our own local Harper's BAZAAR. Instantly fell in love & got it! So many updates and images from the summer runway look,splashes of colour,I also have a particular White based babydoll dress with big red flower prints,something I wanna wear to colour up 2011,maybe that'll match my newly bought nude toned pumps? =D *Excited* Its the holidays. Can't wait to do more! & also start my new exercise routine. Tata! Gonna watch Gossip Girl season 3 now 


Friday, March 11, 2011

Exam last day

No make up at all,because I'm at home -___-

Great news,its the last day of exam,geography! After I was done,I felt like the world is full of flying ponies & silk floating around again,relieved.

I was online yesterday,and noticed that H&M has a line of cosmetic & beauty products,one of the most adorable products is the body splash,how cute

I've been planning to get some really good new clothes or lately,and maybe a new 2 way cake :) MAYBE only. But I really wanna get new clothes & maybe a new pair of heels,cuz I'm seventeen now,feels like its time to wear shoes with higher heels. Bought old issues of Vivi & SCawaii during lunch with the boyfriend just now,so I can flip through something during the holidays. Maybe this holiday I'll take time to be pretty :) Its been a long time since I took a good picture & dress up well.

Well,nothing much to share,so here's song of the week for the upcoming march ONE week holidays! 
David Guetta featuring Rihanna - Who's that chick 

This is the day version,I like this video more than the night version :)
I do like all the dark colours in the night version but Rihanna looks creepy there,love this song! 
And the vid,the bold colours are what's in this year plus Rihanna always have awesome hairstyles,hoping to see another video of her & more cute clothes,cute hair & nice beats.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Exam day 2

Hello! Exam week now,I ain't suppose to be here but I feel really guilty for not writing anything,so I came back in the end,lol. Thanks for constantly coming to visit this blog of mine :) Love you visitors lots! And do follow me. Today's subject was English & Economy,GOSH I seriously think I did better this time,I do get confused sometimes but I wasn't as blur as before,& before you even call me dumb,I'm not okay? I'm just not really a study type of person,let's make it clear. Moral & maths tomorrow,yay for moral but boo for maths :( Even though my blog visitors really do increase but guess what,most of them are strangers & not people that I know,lol. So means that people that I do know don't read my blog,how funny is that? :S

Things to do lately:
1. Pluck & shave my eyebrows.
2. Buy an item!
3. Get Vivi's march issue.

I'm currently using Maybelline's eyebrow powder & gel,but somehow the gel ain't that good but the powder is nice but not long lasting :( 

EYE STUDIO Brow Definist Eyebrow Duo Palette, P359
Need to get a better one after this one's finish! :D

Went to get some exercise books yesterday with the boyfriend,saw march's popteen,I was thinking "should I or shouldn't I?" cuz I have been reading popteen since 14,have never worn anything Gyaru & never used anything Gyaru but have always kinda love Gyaru,well....Gyaru is really nice,but not for me,I don't think I'll look good in thick make up & cutesy clothings,haha. But seeing other Gyaru's makes me go "wow,that's really pretty.". Here to talk about one very kawaii & nice blogger by the name of Eki :)

smaller ekiblog banner

I have been visiting her since last year & I really like her,she's nice & her pictures,reviews & videos are so kawaii it'll make your eyes pop! So go check out her blog & follow it,you can also follow her at twitter. I'm feeling super generous now so I'm sharing out some really good blogs for you people to read since I'm gonna be away for stupid first term exams. But great news,I have holidays after the exams,so I'll be really free,might even be doing reviews & a singing video since I promised a friend about a birthday singing video,haha. Take care sweeties! Do follow me at twitter since I'm always tweeting non stop 

Rolling in the deep by Adele for you all :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

AD* 60% off for a super pampering session ♥

I bet every girl in the world loves a little bit of pampering right? Especially manicures when they include awesome pampering,relaxation & the colourful choices of nail polish :) But manicures & pedicures can be expensive,especially at good nail salons,students like me can't afford that,so we paint our own nails ourself,lol. But now we can get all that for only RM34! Isn't that awesome? These packages will never be any cheaper girls! Not only that,we get manicure,pedicure,deep hydration hand & foot scrub + rejuvenating hand & foot massage at Nail Paradize for ONLY RM34,can you imagine that? All thanks to milkAdeal.
Even I myself will also get this deal because its hard to resist the offers :D

Yeah.............that's what I call heaven :D
Originally RM86,you can get 60% off the deal when you redeem a deal at milkAdeal then all you have to do is buy the deal for RM34,super awesome-ness!

Redemption starts from 8th march to 30 april people!
Remember,its all worth it because for RM34,you get to enjoy a really lavish mani pedi only at Nail Paradize 

Look,completely hygienic with clean & comfortable interior environment.
Who wouldn't wanna sit there & get pampered? 


At a hot summery country like Malaysia,we walk around with sandals & flip flops more often,so our hands & toes get plenty of showtime,but how if your nails are ugly & dull? Add some colour,here's a chance to do that,with over 100 nail colours to choose from,you'd be spoil for choices! I know I would :)
Plus they use O.P.I products,so you'd be sure to have gorgeous looking nails at the end of the day.


The awesome O.P.I 
Hurry up before redemption period is over girls! But do remember this is only for the ladies :)
Sorry boys!
Click here to get you very own deal.
Enjoy your pampering!


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Blake Lively for Chanel.

"You know you love me,xoxo. Gossip Girl."
If you watch gossip girl,you'd know this line,my favourite drama series of all time. People ask me why I like it so much,well to me,its like entering a virtual world where you imagine yourself as one of the upper east sider's & also because the undeniably HOT Blake Lively,don't know why some people say she's plain? She's really gorgeous! I was in the car a few months back when the deejay announced that Blake is gonna be the face for Chanel,that is just too perfect! I love Chanel,one of the most known & beautiful brands ever & now one of the most beautiful girl is gonna be the face for it. *screams* She is chosen by Karl Lagerfeld & is the face for Chanel's MADEMOISELLE line! Argh :)

There she is,standing tall next to the old but awesome Karl Lagerfeld.

Am currently also watching GG season 3,
in super deep love with their clothes :)