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Friday, March 11, 2011

Exam last day

No make up at all,because I'm at home -___-

Great news,its the last day of exam,geography! After I was done,I felt like the world is full of flying ponies & silk floating around again,relieved.

I was online yesterday,and noticed that H&M has a line of cosmetic & beauty products,one of the most adorable products is the body splash,how cute

I've been planning to get some really good new clothes or lately,and maybe a new 2 way cake :) MAYBE only. But I really wanna get new clothes & maybe a new pair of heels,cuz I'm seventeen now,feels like its time to wear shoes with higher heels. Bought old issues of Vivi & SCawaii during lunch with the boyfriend just now,so I can flip through something during the holidays. Maybe this holiday I'll take time to be pretty :) Its been a long time since I took a good picture & dress up well.

Well,nothing much to share,so here's song of the week for the upcoming march ONE week holidays! 
David Guetta featuring Rihanna - Who's that chick 

This is the day version,I like this video more than the night version :)
I do like all the dark colours in the night version but Rihanna looks creepy there,love this song! 
And the vid,the bold colours are what's in this year plus Rihanna always have awesome hairstyles,hoping to see another video of her & more cute clothes,cute hair & nice beats.

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