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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hello hello! How are all of you? :) I've been going through plenty of up's & downs,but thats life.
I've just returned from a movie night out with him,we watched Rango,not that funny actually but at least it didn't really sucked,had a great time with him,hehe,as usual. Remember the Reebonz spring clean blogger contest? And Guess what?
After I came home,I checked my email & recieved this email with the title

Congratulations Nia- You are one of the winners of the Reebonz Spring Clean contest!

I went,what the fuck is this true? Checked to see it,yes its true! Read halfway & realized that the marketing manager wrote wrongly,she announced that I won the Balenciaga bag,but when I checked again,she said I won the Kate Spade then *screamssssssssss*

Yes,that's one of the ups that happened in this lousy month of march,at least something good happened,plus it turns out to be real good. By the way har,not only will I win the bag,Reebonz will also be making a poll for the 2nd round so remember to vote for me! You can check out my designs here if you haven't seen any of it at all. Teehee :D

Yes that picture,taken with webcam,not really clear,but I'm so loving my new Za 2 way cake! 

Mine's exactly the same case,sleek & chic,how awesome would it be if I can get the LE edition but too bad,don't have! So I just grabbed this,have been wanting it for quite some time,only costs 40+ for both the pretty pink case & the cake itself plus it has the sponge included,to me,its best to use it wet,for better coverage :) I only wore it on its own without any concealer or BB cream & he says my skin looks nice,so means that this pretty little thing helped me get better complexion,I guess the effect would be even better when paired with a good concealer & concealer brush,hor? Read reviews of it here. Well,its not exactly a review but its described pretty well there.

I am also gonna chop off my pretty hair! Yup,I've considered,get a short do,when I say short,I'll make it short hell yeah. I told him & he didn't mind,I know he thinks I'm pretty anyhow :) So,how ah? I think Rihanna's type not bad,the main reason why I wanna chop it all off is cuz I wanna grow it all over again,my hair is thinning kinda badly & even though I know this is a myth,but I want my hair to grow all over again,probably it would be better & thicker. Plus,in a crowd full of hot girls with long hair,I'd be the cool girl with the short hair,how unique,hor? Some pictures of the Rihanna hair 

Front view,not bad right?

Looks real good! There's another hairstyle I have in mind,its from Vivi :) See how things go,but I just can't wait to cut! So leave some opinions,and please don't beg me not to cut,cuz I really want to. By the way,about that favicon on my blog title,yes,if you've been to Topshop's site you'd noticed that they're almost alike & no I didn't steal it from there :) 

Here's the video of her with this pixie cut. Love the song too!



Anonymous said...

MEHHHH! I love your crazy writing style!! It's nice to know im not alone- sometimes, i feel like maybe something's wrong with me. I still feel like something's wrong with me BUT AT LEAST I KNOW SOME THING'S WRONG WITH THE TWO OF US :D hehe. But seriously, very nice blog. I LOVE your little intro in your profile! Very unique blog.

Your friendly Blogger,

From (my blog)>

Miss Pepper Vintage♥ said...

Great pictures from Rihanna. She looks really good!
X Milla

Kholá said...

Rihanna is such a style icon. I only wish that I could wear her short hair as well as she does.