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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Try news things with LIBRESSE


Since little,I've always wanted to bungee jump,it is very scary but you'll never know unless you try,it might be fun :) 

Other than that,I exercise too & I also used to love dancing,but as girl,you know what I mean,we get our shitty days where we bloody days come & we have to go through our periods. 


And the we go through the usual period pain.

Even when our boyfriend brings us out for a trip to the movies or just for dinner we'll surely have

But then again.......

This is why LIBRESSE is here to rescue us girls from those days when menstrual cramps make us suffer & we can't do anything but laze at home because its difficult to be active thanks to leaking pads!
LIBRESSE cares about absorbing all your disgusting goo & making you feel fresh the whole day so you can stay active & play the whole damn day,believe me,I myself is also a LIBRESSE owner & I personally love using the maxi wings not only at night but during day because its comfortable & I don't have to freaking check if there are any leaks or not because LIBRESSE is there to take care of me.

Unlike other brands,LIBRESSE specially concentrates on fitting to the shape of your body to prevent leakings & to also give you comfort during your bloody days. Now you can box,run,jump or kill whoever you want!

So tell your friends & family about LIBRESSE because you need to try it to love it :)

To help what Adibah should do next. 

Or click this for the chinese video to help Pam & Van make their choice.

You & I both know that 


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