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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A day out

Went out for a little grocery shopping + movie with my second sister today. Watched Beastly,I discovered another hottie + awesome actor yet again! Don't see the picture of him ugly here,he's actually hot,& has this really piercing eyes,also saw an ad for Robert Pattinson's new movie with Reese Witherspoon called "Water for Elephants",seems nice :) Something to look forward to other than "Rango"!

I think the boyfriend would wanna have his body,tsk tsk :D
My sis thinks the movie is cheesy but I like it,I think the boyfriend would like it too since he's such a romantic person in heart,you guys should go check it out,especially at MBO Kepong,so little people,me & my sis love watching our movies there,less jam,less people & there's a nice restaurant that sells quite delicious food there. But not the greatest mall ever la,but heck...all we need is some place to hang out :)

I wore.............Nothing but a plain black tee,denim shorts,a sling bag & black pumps & a gold mickey mouse necklace that I had since I was 7.





Make up - Concealer,light sweeps of loose powder.

I can't use thick make up due to my pimply skin but its slowly improving thanks to a product,I will for sure do a review about it when my zits are all clear,since its slowly going away anyways. Yeah...nothing much,I bought my very own first two way foundation from Za :) After reading tons of reviews I knew that "this" would be the one I wanna get,I'm already 17 so I decided to try some make up products that adults use,plus it'll be fun to try out some new products anyways.


Was shocked to know we have our own local Harper's BAZAAR. Instantly fell in love & got it! So many updates and images from the summer runway look,splashes of colour,I also have a particular White based babydoll dress with big red flower prints,something I wanna wear to colour up 2011,maybe that'll match my newly bought nude toned pumps? =D *Excited* Its the holidays. Can't wait to do more! & also start my new exercise routine. Tata! Gonna watch Gossip Girl season 3 now 


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