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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010

Blake Lively on the cover of CLEO's january issue!!!

Personally a rough year & also a lucky one,i transfered school,became an anti social person,starts blogging more than ever & met my current boyfriend which is one of the best things in my LIFE. I am a person that finds it hard to make friends,well its easy to talk to people & smile & laugh like chimps but after that nothing,completely nothing. I'm just sad to say that this year i went through depression all because of my social life,haha,sad but true. Normally friends that i actually are close to are all friends i know from the internet,which is weird. Hopefully next year i'll be more social & open up to certain negativity & learn to see the bright side of everything.

I sincerely wish that all of you will enjoy the new year with joy. There is no point to think of miserable stuffs that bring you down. Cause in the long run we're still alive,this proves that we're not THAT miserable after all :D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

29 DEC 2010

My smile very dou gei :D

Followed boyf & his friends to Sunway Pyramid today. I didn't go there for a long time already,nothing much changed except that Forever21 is there :) I saw lots of tank tops but i didn't wanna waste my money buying. Just some normal outing with a nice bunch of people. Err..watched movie with boyfie at TGV Cinema's & i really think that my butt & eyes prefer GSC,but i do love the couple seats though!

Guys remember the Digi Live K-pop party 2010????
Its still on! Click Here to find out more details bout it :D
Come on! Its like one of the biggest concerts ever for k-pop lovers like me,hehe. So you guys really should check it out.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gossip Girl :)

Someone very MAN behind me,lol.

Boyf knows more bout GG than i do,isn't that awesome? To have a boyfriend that can chat bout GG with you? HAHAHA. I never got the chance to watch GG since the first season so boyf helped me download & i watched *i think* 3 episodes at his place today,so syiok :D

Serena has the most awesome clothes a girl can ever wish for! And how hot is Nate? Perfect people,so nice to see them in their pretty clothes,these things make me superr happy! And during the first seasons Jenny didn't have her thick eye make up yet,kinda not used to it since i watch her in season 3 often with thick eye make up,she is always my idol. I keep telling boyf that if i were a GG character i would be Jenny,lol. I wanna watch more till i get addicted to GG,hope it
never stops airing!!!! I superr love watching their awesome clothes

Tell me where can i find someone eccentric,cheerful,has wild humour,open,fashionable,honest,warm hearted & fun to be with? I'm on a hunt for a fluffer :D

Currently craving for chai kut teh!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello! Rude MUCH

Taken when i was out with my sis to Full House Sunway Giza.

I wore something really simple,black pumps,denim looking leggings,my black bag (boyfie's gift),leopard print singlet & all i did was tied my hair into a high ponytail & add an animal print scarf & bangles. I don't like to look like a kiddo,lol.

This is just another daily diary entry.
Was & is pissed cause i noticed that some people act like they don't know me when they actually do. I'm having the "wtf" mode right now? I really just don't get it. Because i personally hate people ignoring me,i find that plain rude -.- Don't you think so? Or is it just me? Btw i have a very bad & painful swollen right eye now,will NOT upload the picture here. Yesterday was one tired day,i slept till 6+ then woke up to a christmas open house,my house was filled with people & i had to face the world with my swollen right eye,gasp! The food was great,i was full but i kept on eating anyways. Was annoyed because my mum & dad have been so good to all these church members,people came because they knew it was our christmas open house & my parent's 30th wedding anniversary. Only one family gave my parents a gift! The rest just came empty handed eating out expensive catered food & expensive double cake then left! Some didn't even said thank you to my dad after he gave out gifts to everybody! OMG i can't believe some people even have the guts to even come in the first place! Some of them barely attend church services! This is why i get really tensed up that my dad is serving in this kind of ministry where you face typical minded people who have no brains. I'm not expecting for them to pour gifts to my parents its just that my dad has been helping them (these native people) go through many things even offering free food,my family is NOT some donation thingy! For many years of them serving these people i can't believe that they don't know how to be thankful at all. I'm dissapointed for real. I need food now! What shall i eat? I'm so fluffin hungray!

Not even 12 yet & i'm full of things to write about,must be an intelligent person,heh *tsk tsk* i found something very awkward & also funny. Its....THE..............................

NETI POT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its this amazing aladin looking ancient looking pot that clears of nasal congestion making you breath clearly & feeling fresh! Awesome right? I got sinus so i really get fascinated by things like this,mind me. I like how antique this thing looks! You can put it up as decoration in your living room & no one knows that you use it to clean your nose LOL!

That is how we use it,doink! This is perfect if you wanna look like a fool.

This is better,i actually laughed like fluff when i watched this! There its written that you should enjoy the soothing feeling but this lady over here looks like she just got raped LOL! Anyways,i'm really into this Neti Pot,gonna google it to buy it IF its affordable :D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010 ♥


Can't believe its already the 25th of December!! Last month of the year 2010. GOOD! I face too many drama this year & i can't wait for the new year to come so i can make a brand new start. So so so so...what are you people up to this christmas?? I'm just celebrating with my family & doing normal family stuffs :) I guess that's the most perfect way to celebrate? Haha. I got many many things i want for next year,some junk i need to save up for,ugh..means i need to starve in school just to save up some cash (life of a poor regular student) plus all the things i desire cost alot,fluff me for being so brand cautious. This is year is well...pretty much boring. But the year i met my love of my life -.- cheesy much.

I want

See the words written in that barney purple thing? SPM straight A's. I don't think that's possible but i'll try my best. Toes crossed! Btw i got this from google so i don't know who the fluff's certificate is this -.-

Samsung ST600 super fluffay! I want black color one :) Many people ask why Samsung? The reason why is because this has dual screen & the lenses are wide which is super dee duper convenient for people who take self portraits like me,this will cost me alot but i will save up for this sexy thing. Pray for me,HALLELUYA

Its gonna take me dinasour years to collect 60 stamps so i already got 25 & i can buy my tigger for 40$ now! YAY

Pussycat Doll's members body. They are all tall & fit. I don't want to be thin & look like a leukemia patient so i wanna tone up my figure! Then if wear lingerie & bikini all girls will hate me :D Isn't that awesome? LOL. Especially her......

NICOLE scherzinger!
Those abs are my goal :) Boyfie is a workout maniac so i think i got the virus also.

Nah...see this better. See the way she dance & her style,her body,how hot is she! I'm drooling now,go supermarket get me a basket to support all my drooping saliva wtf. Super Lesbo me.

And finally a short video.
Do load it before watching or else it'll lag & you'll be stuck with a weird expression of me -.-

Oh ya!! Did you guys know that a couple of HOT Korean artists are coming to town for a concert? With Digi its possible! Just go to your nearest Digi center to get party passes! No joke people :) You won't wanna miss this great concert with G.NA,Beast & many more!

Btw you must be really free to come read my blog now. HAHA bye.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I logged into facebook & see everyone look's like their having tons of fun. ME? NO. I logged into blogger & saw this very pretty girl's blog & her pictures of her & her very pretty friends & there i go again,miserable. I feel miserable cause how can they meet pretty people & get along with pretty people? How can they only mix with pretty people? Unfair much! Stereotypes -.-

Girls who look like their living the perfect life makes many girls like me develop the "why am i not like that" attitude. Its bad i tell you,it ruin's the soul of a young girl -.- Im dead serious here,skip this crap if u want to,i'm just writing what i feel like writing. I'm moody that i haven't taken a pretty picture for years already -.- I have nothing to camwhore with. Upsetting much!

Chatting with him on msn can sometimes be very wtf. Like nothing to talk about or he's getting colder. I want him to be cheerful like he used to be :(

You got so sien meh? Sien until talk to me so coldly. Am i that un-entertaining? -.- FLUFF! You didn't even said bye before going offline. I curse that you'll have a very bad nightmare tonight.

I absolutely hate COLDNESS!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tron Legacy

Wassup blog,my knee hurts,badly! Not as bad as just now lah but still its pain! I fckng suffered just now,it started on a beautiful monday. Woke up early & got ready to spend the day at baby's place to watch a movie,then after that boyfie sent me to Nesh's house,it was fluffing raining & i don't like rain,i know right? I'm such a coward & i sound like a bimbo now LOL. No lah,i just feel that rainy days can be scary especially if there is big thunder & while your in the toilet or something thunder strikes BRAM BROOM then you fall into the toilet bowl,how? -.- Some more worse if don't have toilet paper,wtf? My imagination is running wild now. THEN night time came,i couldn't sleep,read "ps i love you" the whole night & i finished the book wtf! I started feeling some kind of strain in my knee,i ignored it,ahhhhhh! If only i knew the pain it would cause! I didn't sleep! Some more walk to Rawang town to company fake baby brother send fake mum to train station,waved goodbye cheerfully in house gear & met boyfie's best friend,SUPER EMBARRASSING! Went home,walked around the neighborhood again with Nesh & Kief then my knee really felt terrible! Got attacked by their dog too...omg this is one fabulous day! I feel like fckg Paris Hilton! least i'm still alive.

Watched Tron with sis on sunday after church. I LIKE IT! Perfect blend of cyber punk,action,girls,imagination & creativity. I don't know why boyfie & other people didn't really think that's its awesome but hell..people have different opinions. I DID fall asleep at the beginning too,i don't know if its the super dee duper cold air con in TGV or i'm the one who can't stand boring scenes but i stayed wide awake watching the hottie (main character) in the movie. He's cute :) But this movie kinda lacks humour lor..cause no matter what you would prefer laughing more than being amazed. But whatever it is i like this movie i like the soundtrack

Syiok sial right? Feel like i'm fighting in slow motion like in star wars jiang...aaaaaiiiiiii aaaaaaaammmmm ggggoooinnn tooooo kiiiiiiilll yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

This one,imagine a guy lying down in a pool surrounded by hot girls lol

*sorry no pictures to share lately*

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tribute to Soul Krazy

Clap hand before reading pleasssee!!! LOL no i'm joking. They won. Who won? What am i talking about? YOU are some retarded shit for not knowing who are these girls -.- Sorry if i'm rude but thats me. They won this year's battleground :) Me very the happy lor,i think its the first time a all girl group actually won something,last year also got,that Dancologist,hot babes but they din come close to winning thanks to the very the famous & swag-able Katoon Network & Elecoldxhot. All these are guys -.- dick owners as i say.


Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm officially out

I'm officially going out. Its really hard to date me out since i'm so darn choosy,i complain bout the sun being too hot or i'll get sunburned,or i'm broke or i'm just too lazy. I think its because i'm so not used to going out i can live without chilling out with friends,but to stay at home & surf the web,that's luxury,lol. I have very big plans for next year :D I'm so excited bout it! I'm gonna get a couple of new clothes of course,maybe i'll sell off some clothes at jipaban to earn some cash,i'm really dead serious bout getting a new camera,a wide angled one,captures more space i guess & i think i wanna start socializing again,its not that i'm not social but i'm just too carried away by internet & being alone all the time that i forgot how it feels to have fun with outsider's,i must be genetically born to be a loner. Yeah that's about it. I almost chopped off my hair too! *gasp*

You know my love for Agyness Deyn,she owns the pixie hair cut,i really love short hair :(
And i need to drink more milk cause i wanna grow tall,i think i'm around 165cm now,i don't think that's good,lol. Ki siao...if too tall also cannot,plus i'm thin so that'll make me look like anchovies wtf? Gotta go now...bye blog.

Yeah that's Ah Neh my classmate & also one of the best people to chat with,he's fckng hilarious,some very weird jokes he will still get it one,someone who will smile for no reason,yeah that's him,he's pretty soft for a guy but that's not a problem huh? We all love guys who are soft & most importantly,fun to be with :) Today's gathering actually not bad lah,i keep feeling that i look older than my other former primary school classmates wtf? Boyfie told me in the car just now that i look mature for my age,aihhh....bear with it then. I woke up damn early today,cos i slept damn early yesterday,trying to keep up with this habit! GOOD LUCK TO ME :)

Even though i didn't really spend much time with my classmates much today (i'm busy talking with boyfie & Bryan -.-) but i feel like everybody grew up so fast,i knew these people since i was 8 & its amazing how we still talk to each other without any sense of shame,LOL. We were high & we had fun,we still act like kids,like how we were back then in primary school,life is short,see how time passes,back then i was just a girl who knew nothing about mandarin & studied with a bunch of chinese kids & now i am a girl who can speak mandarin talking with the same bunch of chinese kids. We were young,so cute & knew nothing but to have fun. Now we're 16,more wise in a childish way but also more understanding,aihhh LIFE'S ONE HECK OF A RIDE.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Think twice

I'm getting annoyed bout this guy who killed himself because of a girl. I don't think its touching,in fact i think its stupid,super dee duper stupid,you know why? Think this way (my way) lah,your mum gave birth to you,took care of you & raised you & as you grow older you learn & experience things in life cause thats part of growing up,you fell in love deeply with a girl/guy & then he/she left you & you got depressed & jump of a high building wtf? That doesn't make any sense at all man! You wasted your time breathing,then why don't you don't live in the first place? DAMN.


He made this whole controversial thing happen at facebook. If you get chinese & you have majority of chinese friends at facebook you'll know,i find it funny when people think its touching,i bet they have the fckng guts to the same thing too -.- OKAYY i know sometimes you feel like dying but seriously don't even think about it. Aya don't care lah...people do whatever they want & its none of my business too,hahahahaha :D

I did nothing today,i didn't sleep the whole night btw cause i went insomniac. I sms'd Vincent around 6 but no replies so i know he is sleeping,then i sms'd baby boyf to wake up & get ready for his exams. Woke up & watched a movie at channel 702 then after LOL-ing at the movie i fell asleep on the couch till 4+ & woke up cause "some" people came over to my house,ugh. Spent the whole day lazing on the living room laughing & singing by myself while my sis decorated the christmas tree. I'm being utterly honest about my family issues,i just dislike these 2 person in my family now (not my mum & dad)....... & about my poor phone,keeps being ok & then NOT ok again -.- WTH,this is what i call "prevention is better than cure" since i should have taken better care of my phone instead of trying to cure it when its already in this situation,its gonna die soon & my dad still hasn't taken action to supply me money to get a new one. CMON daddy i'm a kid & i don't work & i don't know where can i get money so your the one who is supposed to buy me things that i need ok? -.-


I'm such a good daughter,i seldom go out unless i really need to or unless someone calls me out (which is very rare). I seldom ask money also lor....i don't buy expensive stuffs & usually i do i used my own money that i save up from my weekly school allowance. *sobs* I asked daddy for money again & he gives me the "why do i care for" look -.- shooooo evil. It's tuesday now & i can't wait for it to be friday!! Time passes so slow now. Why don't i try killing myself & wake up when friday comes? Let's copy Alvis Kong (the guy who killed himself) HAHAHAHA!

I very the love this song :) Drake is dope

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I hate being phone-less!

My phone is okay today,but not now,which is fckng ridiculous! I really was hoping my dad would buy me a new one but until now there's still no answer. EFF life is very upsetting,i want something brand new & not second hand! Something brand new that will last for many many years so i don't have to waste money to buy buy buy again which equals to being broke wtf. I don't get it lor...i don't really need to update my phone like a bunch of rich kiddies,as long as my phone is still fine & takes good pictures i don't mind using it even though the whole earth is using smartphones & every damn kid owns a dslr i don't really need to care just cause my phone is dinasour age -.- as you can see this is a very emo post,i don't feel happy after hearing my mum told me that my bro in law will be trading phones for me,hopefully i'll be getting one that's worth my time & style,aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *smashing table with a roll of paper*

There,that's my phone,sad huh? That girl beside me is wearing my specs & camwhoring the whole time. *this pic is taken by her blackberry bold* I got it from Evon earlier this year,she sold it to me for only a hundred bucks,that's really cheap & i didn't seem to find any problem in it during that time. WHY NOW SUDDENLY LIKE THIS?! Stupid.............timing.

Hahahaha! Look at my hair! I look like a monk. That's how i normally tie my hair & dress,very the pretty right? *rolling my eyes* Come on lah,when your only going for lunch at a town your so familiar with,you don't give a damn bout how you look,that's why i admire those indian aunties wearing their flowery tie dye nightgown out even though its day time LOL!
Ms Waran returned from Germany & called me a couple of minutes ago,she wants to invite me for a movie but i already watched Harry Potter,Rapunzel & even Narnia,HAHAHAHA! So i don't think i'll be goin,i'm broke anyways,so better spare some money in case i need it. And i keep fussing bout tuition i don't know why! It seems so hard to find a good place,i wanted to tuition with coco,an old classmate of mine but she told me the fees is like 200+ which proves that i better go tuition at perfection since its almost the same price wth! I might even be skipping classes so i don't know how to make a decision,i am not gonna be a loyal tuition student i tell you,there will be a day or probably many days that i feel like lingering in bed naked & not doing anything,its a drag being a student,you need to study but your just too lazy,i told you life is good -.- so the very good indeed. Ta ma de.

I went & watched Narnia : The voyage of the dawn treader in 3D :) I like 3D's except that they sometimes give me headache,i had period cramps yesterday while watching it so i didn't take coke,which feels weird since i always drink coke when i watch movies. Very the uncomfortable,try to imagine you sitting down wearing these 3D specs that are so tight around the ear area & you feel like swooshing waterfalls of blood between your legs & it feels like something is moving in your tummy which is menstrual cramps,really annoying -.- I want the book! Seriously.....the reason why i like Narnia more than Harry potter is cause...............

1. There are four cute kids who are growing older & older by every movie.
2. The very the HOT Ben Barnes a.k.a Prince Caspian (He's king now btw)
3. None of them have "scars" on their forehead,lol.
4. The very the cute lion a.k.a Azlan or something,i love animals :D
5. The pretty effects & wonders of Narnia *twinkling eyes*

And why i don't really like Harry Potter...............

1. I don't know what his scar on his forehead means! Its so -.-
2. The signature Harry Potter music,very creepy.

3. Harry wears uncle specs and he's young. Does that makes sense?
4. Why don't HARRY date Hermione? RIGHT?
5. Why does everybody seem evil? Like only Harry,Ron,Hermione & that big guy who saves Harry seem like nice people.

Just my personal opinions ♥♥♥♥♥
No hard feelings kay??
And remember to help me register this! Its not a scam no worries :) Its for a friend of mine.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help me register!

Help me go to this link & register!

Thanks for those who helped! This is for a friend of mine. Your help is appreciated really. HEHE THANKS GUYS :D

Friday, December 10, 2010

10.12.2010 ♥

She is so cute *drools*

I woke up at 12PM today. *clapping hands*
And i feel good! LOL....not really,was crying yesterday cause i miss my phone very much,like effing hell. Plus my memory card is in my mum's old phone,WTH! Later Neesha got performance at Tesco around 7:30PM. I wanna go see her....guess i cant go wth. *sobs*

I logged into fb & saw lots of news regarding a guy who killed himself because of one girl,his ex obviously,tell me what's wrong with the world? Why would he do that?

Random,a note to the guy that commited suicide (please don't spam me,just my own opinions)
Dear...i know your dead,but if you read my blog,please don't regret not being alive. I'm sorry that she hurt you,i'm sorry that you chose to leave earth & be a lost soul but why why why? There are 2 choices you can make. Die & have nothing or continue to live & do whatever you can with life,unless you have a very bad job,a horrible family. That is one brave but also stupid choice you made & why do you even do it publicly? Is it just for fame? If it is then....i'm speechless.

And you guys know those ads or page advertising beside your profile on facebook? I see lots of pages of hot girls & they are all "liked" by bb & im not gonna lie that its annoying & disturbing. Those girls are hot,long hair with body like i don't know how to describe,boobs that reach dono what the hell cup,wth. I'm not hot like that! Make me damn have low self esteem. Plus he has plenty of girls in his friends list,again...i feel disturbed,i don't wanna argue bout this again. A girl has a very sensitive heart.

I'm phone-less so i can't sms anybody & can't even call. Do you even know how i feel? Your so busy & i'm so darn fucking free. I really wanna talk to you but i can't cause i don't have a phone now,how? Solution is to online & find you at msn. But.......someone seems to be so moody,i don't mind if he's busy,you can ignore this idiotic girlfriend of yours. But if your free izit hard for you to click on the alphabets to type something to me? Yes you did type something & you sound like you don't wanna talk. Is there a problem with me? I think so....i'm having pms i guess? FUCK.

I'm still irritated with "him" but i'll try to chill myself up. Just tried one of the mask that i bought...cappuccino mask,hmmm smells like coffee :) Really made me feel better,skin so smooth now,lol. Just hope that i'll stop growing zits next year,i love using make up & its sad that i can't apply too much because i'm afraid that it'll damage my skin. And about that dude that killed himself because of love,i'm gettin tired of it,news is spreading everywhere in facebook,hope that it won't stay that way too long,its getting on my nerves,lol. Let's just say im wishing that i'll get my phone soon,to me now...whatever phone does not matter as long as i can stay in contact with my boy,i hate the feeling of not being able to know what he's doing & this does not mean i'm a stalker wtf..i'm just very concerned bout him. Im his girlfriend of course,that's why. Neesha is gonna perform in half an hour time,bet she's freaking out,lol. Hope she performs well,i really miss talking to her & sorry i can't be there for ya! Good luck :)

Errr.....i just ate cereal for dinner? LOL. What Hayley told me was right,maybe he has many other reasons why he ignored me,he won't do things like that on purpose. I love you baby wyy :) sorry for always misunderstanding you. I'm always moody cause i don't get to see you,i didn't see you for so long that i even forgot how you looked like slightly,sorry lol! Hope that your exam passes fast & hope that you'll do well,after exam i'll go to your house & bring masks so we can use facial mask & look hot together okay? Then we go eat pizza & can cuddle while watching movie,yay! I thought that you didn't wanna talk to me because your pissed with me or something,but maybe your too busy,stressed or tired,so i'm not gonna force you when you say you can't see me/keep me company. I'm gonna tolerate your busy days now. GOOD LUCK baby & saranghae

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

R.I.P SEk770i

Today is one bad fckng day! My phone died :( k770i died today,i don't know what's the problem with it but it just doesn't show any image on screen! EFF. I'm shooo upset cause i personally love that phone cause its simple & easy to carry. Time to move on,i guess i'll get a new phone? Its not for me to say,my dad's the one paying,lol. Bb hasn't been online for days due to his stupid internet,poor thing,hope it gets repaired fast,life online without my boyfie is very un-entertaining. I thought of getting a blackberry but you know i know,its expensive & i'm not rich either. I like my eldest sis's Nokia E72 but i don't know how to use it,lol. I need guidance in choosing phones,help me GOD! I want & need a long lasting one or else i have to change phones every year,i am not gonna make handphone shops rich! I need money :c

Found this at Lookbook. I like this look alot :) Recently my sis bought stockings like that for me as a christmas gift. I love her red lips & red hat! I thought of getting a red beret when i went out with bb that day but he thinks that red is hard to match :x

YEAH this thing! Victoria's Secret body mist in Strawberries & Champagne! Hmmm...looks & surely smells yummy! Something to get before new year :) I love scents,perfumes too,but sometimes i get headache's if the smell is too strong so i prefer body mist's. I've always wanted to own one VS product,including the lingerie. Need a couple of hundred RM to spend for these few months,i need to re-invent my wardrobe for 2011. HELLO VINTAGE style :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Rapunzel : A tangled tale

Watched Tangled a few days back with my sis & i really like it :) She is an adorable character. Me & my sis kept laughing because most of the audiences are kids,lol. I like it alot,i didn't know Mandy Moore can be a princess,i remember watching "A walk to remember" with baby boyf & criticizing bout Mandy's fashion sense in the movie,she wears these gramma cardigans just because she's a pastor's daughter,WTH im a pastor's daughter too,not logic! Watch this in 3D. I think this is the only animated movie that i watched this year,so means that this movie is good,makes you have a good laugh & i damn love Rapunzel's hair! Look how golden it

Look at One Utama now!! No offence,Christmas decorations are the most beautiful! Don't you agree with me? Somehow i prefer white Christmas tree's lol. The night i went & watched "The social network" with bb they already started doing the decorations & this is the complete view,gorgeous :)

Spot L'Occitane at the above picture :)

So many christmas trees! I wish i can touch real snow :( Nadine called me from Germany,she told me that real snow is much smoother than the fake snow over here at Genting,lol. Its always best to experience the real thing. I love Christmas!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

5122010 update ♥

Just a short tiny tiny update. I'm still sick,woke up fabulously at 6+ today. I'll try to sleep early now,before 12 maybe. Today i was supposed to meet bb but i didn't,hopefully i can see him more often coz i miss him :( Oh yeah i added a playlist of songs,to add some ambience so i can listen to some my favourite songs while i read my own blog ROFL. I'll blog bout Rapunzel a tangled tale soon.

Songs in playlist consists of :

Flunk - Cigarette Burns

Melody Gardot - Baby i'm a fool

Corrine Bailey Ray - Put your records on

Nouvelle Vague - Shall we dance

Norah Jones - Don't know why

Loquat - Swingset Chains

Augustana - Boston (slow version)

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Friday, December 03, 2010

Shweet December ♥

I've been so sick & lifeless till i didn't realize that its already December *gasp* one more year before January means school is starting. Darn..time passes so fast right? I don't want to dye my hair black!! LOLs we'll see,if the teacher starts to warn me then i'll dye it black,back to the fugly coal hair colour,jibye. Im still coughing,still having itchy thorat,still have blocked nose & still consuming drugs a.k.a medicine. The worst part is i have to suck these red colour lozenge's that taste like chemical & coats your tongue with a disgusting texture that makes you loose your sense of taste wtf. I hate being sick,FML.

I'm running out of my Hada Labo lotion :( not really actually,but i still have to get a new bottle to replace this one before it finishes. YES your right,im one of those girls that hell loves this product. Its cheap & it is really moisturizing. I think i bought it for 36$? And this thing can last up to a year. Shooo worth the price & it makes your skin "toink toink". (How to describe what is toink toink?) LOL.

I've got new plans for next year & i really hope i'll fulfill all wishes & complete all my tasks well. Sometimes i plan things that are not logic,for example like catching rainbows,date TaeYang,earn 20k or owning a unicorn (yes i know wtf right?). I am gonna plan real stuffs now,i'm gonna be 17 next year & it'll be my last year in school *clapping hands*

1. Get a camera. I wanted to get a dslr (expenshive but nice). But since im gonna be using it to take self portraits & blablabla i'll get a good digital one. Maybe the sony ones,with the sweep panorama etc.

2. Get a life (no lah im joking :D) Start having a healthy lifestyle. I sleep late,wake up late,take half an hour naps that lasts for 4 hours. WTH? & i still complain bout my complexion. From next year i'm gonna eat healthy,sleep early & wake up early,never skip breakfast & do exercise! YES

3. Do home facials once a week. I NEED TO DO THIS for the sake of vitality! Look at my skin,it used to be like a baby's ass but now i got zits everywhere,large pores & fine lines at my forehead & im below 18 fml! Must always steam,moisturize & most of all masks!

4. Study! Yes i have too,for 4 years of secondary school life i've been using my general knowledge to pass exams & to answer teacher's questions. I only read books that have nothing to do with what im learning in school. Im gonna start tuition too :( I hate it but i have too for the sake of A's for my spm. Life is always "good".

5. Grow my hair. This is an exciting resolution :) I had short hair last year & now its growing down to my shoulders,yay! "Baby locks please grow longer & stay smooth,i love you & i'll promise not to cut you for these few years." LOL. I will always use conditioner after shampoo & apply mask on my hair once a week (depends on how hardworking i can be).

6. Always match my panty colours with my bra. Its a habit fyi...i always do this. I feel uneasy if the colours don't match,it'll ruin my mood also. Yes i know im a freak.

7. Drink lots of water everyday! Yes i have to do this. I heard somewhere that girls need to drink lots of water so your period won't be painful,hope its true coz i don't like menstrual cramps. Plus water is good for your skin :D

8. Apply lotion everyday! YES i've been doing this since i was in primary school coz my mum has tons of Nivea lotion,hahaha! When i was in primary school i have lots of scars on my leg due to stupid mosquito bites. After applying lotion everyday for years they heal :) I am not joking its true! Now i apply lotion everyday after bathing & before sleeping. Especially Nivea's EXTRA whitening lotion & Vaseline's total moisture. Secrets to fair & soy bean like skin.

9. Be a green girl. I don't mean turning myself into this. I mean being earth friendly & recycling.


Btw im trying to create a new banner for my bloggie. Im trying....

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Haters are very free people

I am now feeling kinda shitty,i keep coughing out these disgusting flam that looks like mash potatoes & i don't have cough medicine at home. See this title of the post? Ok,let me get this straight. Apparently,some people just have nothing to do,i am just a sixteen year old girl who lives a normal life,trying to excel in my studies & at the same time,curious to learn bout everything interesting in my life,is that a problem? And as you know,i like reading blogs,in fact i like reading almost anything,i admire people who write blogs no matter how lame they are,its a story of their life,its a perfect way to get to know that someone,ok let's skip this wise "why am i posting bout this" topic.

Recently,very recently actually,i visited One of the frequent blogs that i visit,i find it amazing that Wendy a.k.a the blogger edits out amazing photos. I was fascinated by her ooh lala photoshopping skills,so i asked her which photoshop she uses,i was just asking,it really didn't matter if she answers or not. FYI photoshop isn't just photoshop,there are many kinds you fckers. Then a person replied me in a VERY rude way saying that i asked a stupid question,its like asking someone what coke/M&M did you eat. ROFL... HELLO WOMAN/MAN do you know that there are all sorts of coke & M&M's too? She even said that i should give up trying to use photoshop coz what makes me think i can handle it? Oii you *****! I can take my time to learn,practice makes perfect,you think xiaxue can be good at it just my downloading it & voala she can edit out photos ala Heidi Klum? SHOHEII use your brain please,i bet she clicks around to find out how every tool works just like every curious human being.

That's not the point btw...she said im ugly! What the Fluff? Maybe to your eyes i am ugly but i can't see you coz you don't show your own picture on the avatar coz your too shy i guess? I don't know? But before you address someone stupid & ugly especially someone who is innocent like me,look at yourself first JIBYE! Did i EVER made you angry? Did i offend you by using vulgar words? NO right? I just clicked on .. left a comment and left. You must have shoo much of time to go browse at her comments section to reply back to people in such bitchy manner huh? And i don't get the "You think your so pretty?" & "Look at yourself,what a shame.". I never said im pretty or what so ever,i just said that to please myself,to have more confidence in how i look,cos i have very low self-esteem,i bet you too,that is why you come & fuck me sial like this. Come on tell me what did i do wrong? Is it a crime to leave a comment at a website that i like? And most of all. DID I OFFEND YOU? If yes,then go to hell. If no,then shut up & get a life.