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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I logged into facebook & see everyone look's like their having tons of fun. ME? NO. I logged into blogger & saw this very pretty girl's blog & her pictures of her & her very pretty friends & there i go again,miserable. I feel miserable cause how can they meet pretty people & get along with pretty people? How can they only mix with pretty people? Unfair much! Stereotypes -.-

Girls who look like their living the perfect life makes many girls like me develop the "why am i not like that" attitude. Its bad i tell you,it ruin's the soul of a young girl -.- Im dead serious here,skip this crap if u want to,i'm just writing what i feel like writing. I'm moody that i haven't taken a pretty picture for years already -.- I have nothing to camwhore with. Upsetting much!

Chatting with him on msn can sometimes be very wtf. Like nothing to talk about or he's getting colder. I want him to be cheerful like he used to be :(

You got so sien meh? Sien until talk to me so coldly. Am i that un-entertaining? -.- FLUFF! You didn't even said bye before going offline. I curse that you'll have a very bad nightmare tonight.

I absolutely hate COLDNESS!

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