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Friday, December 10, 2010

10.12.2010 ♥

She is so cute *drools*

I woke up at 12PM today. *clapping hands*
And i feel good! LOL....not really,was crying yesterday cause i miss my phone very much,like effing hell. Plus my memory card is in my mum's old phone,WTH! Later Neesha got performance at Tesco around 7:30PM. I wanna go see her....guess i cant go wth. *sobs*

I logged into fb & saw lots of news regarding a guy who killed himself because of one girl,his ex obviously,tell me what's wrong with the world? Why would he do that?

Random,a note to the guy that commited suicide (please don't spam me,just my own opinions)
Dear...i know your dead,but if you read my blog,please don't regret not being alive. I'm sorry that she hurt you,i'm sorry that you chose to leave earth & be a lost soul but why why why? There are 2 choices you can make. Die & have nothing or continue to live & do whatever you can with life,unless you have a very bad job,a horrible family. That is one brave but also stupid choice you made & why do you even do it publicly? Is it just for fame? If it is then....i'm speechless.

And you guys know those ads or page advertising beside your profile on facebook? I see lots of pages of hot girls & they are all "liked" by bb & im not gonna lie that its annoying & disturbing. Those girls are hot,long hair with body like i don't know how to describe,boobs that reach dono what the hell cup,wth. I'm not hot like that! Make me damn have low self esteem. Plus he has plenty of girls in his friends list,again...i feel disturbed,i don't wanna argue bout this again. A girl has a very sensitive heart.

I'm phone-less so i can't sms anybody & can't even call. Do you even know how i feel? Your so busy & i'm so darn fucking free. I really wanna talk to you but i can't cause i don't have a phone now,how? Solution is to online & find you at msn. But.......someone seems to be so moody,i don't mind if he's busy,you can ignore this idiotic girlfriend of yours. But if your free izit hard for you to click on the alphabets to type something to me? Yes you did type something & you sound like you don't wanna talk. Is there a problem with me? I think so....i'm having pms i guess? FUCK.

I'm still irritated with "him" but i'll try to chill myself up. Just tried one of the mask that i bought...cappuccino mask,hmmm smells like coffee :) Really made me feel better,skin so smooth now,lol. Just hope that i'll stop growing zits next year,i love using make up & its sad that i can't apply too much because i'm afraid that it'll damage my skin. And about that dude that killed himself because of love,i'm gettin tired of it,news is spreading everywhere in facebook,hope that it won't stay that way too long,its getting on my nerves,lol. Let's just say im wishing that i'll get my phone soon,to me now...whatever phone does not matter as long as i can stay in contact with my boy,i hate the feeling of not being able to know what he's doing & this does not mean i'm a stalker wtf..i'm just very concerned bout him. Im his girlfriend of course,that's why. Neesha is gonna perform in half an hour time,bet she's freaking out,lol. Hope she performs well,i really miss talking to her & sorry i can't be there for ya! Good luck :)

Errr.....i just ate cereal for dinner? LOL. What Hayley told me was right,maybe he has many other reasons why he ignored me,he won't do things like that on purpose. I love you baby wyy :) sorry for always misunderstanding you. I'm always moody cause i don't get to see you,i didn't see you for so long that i even forgot how you looked like slightly,sorry lol! Hope that your exam passes fast & hope that you'll do well,after exam i'll go to your house & bring masks so we can use facial mask & look hot together okay? Then we go eat pizza & can cuddle while watching movie,yay! I thought that you didn't wanna talk to me because your pissed with me or something,but maybe your too busy,stressed or tired,so i'm not gonna force you when you say you can't see me/keep me company. I'm gonna tolerate your busy days now. GOOD LUCK baby & saranghae

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