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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I hate being phone-less!

My phone is okay today,but not now,which is fckng ridiculous! I really was hoping my dad would buy me a new one but until now there's still no answer. EFF life is very upsetting,i want something brand new & not second hand! Something brand new that will last for many many years so i don't have to waste money to buy buy buy again which equals to being broke wtf. I don't get it lor...i don't really need to update my phone like a bunch of rich kiddies,as long as my phone is still fine & takes good pictures i don't mind using it even though the whole earth is using smartphones & every damn kid owns a dslr i don't really need to care just cause my phone is dinasour age -.- as you can see this is a very emo post,i don't feel happy after hearing my mum told me that my bro in law will be trading phones for me,hopefully i'll be getting one that's worth my time & style,aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *smashing table with a roll of paper*

There,that's my phone,sad huh? That girl beside me is wearing my specs & camwhoring the whole time. *this pic is taken by her blackberry bold* I got it from Evon earlier this year,she sold it to me for only a hundred bucks,that's really cheap & i didn't seem to find any problem in it during that time. WHY NOW SUDDENLY LIKE THIS?! Stupid.............timing.

Hahahaha! Look at my hair! I look like a monk. That's how i normally tie my hair & dress,very the pretty right? *rolling my eyes* Come on lah,when your only going for lunch at a town your so familiar with,you don't give a damn bout how you look,that's why i admire those indian aunties wearing their flowery tie dye nightgown out even though its day time LOL!
Ms Waran returned from Germany & called me a couple of minutes ago,she wants to invite me for a movie but i already watched Harry Potter,Rapunzel & even Narnia,HAHAHAHA! So i don't think i'll be goin,i'm broke anyways,so better spare some money in case i need it. And i keep fussing bout tuition i don't know why! It seems so hard to find a good place,i wanted to tuition with coco,an old classmate of mine but she told me the fees is like 200+ which proves that i better go tuition at perfection since its almost the same price wth! I might even be skipping classes so i don't know how to make a decision,i am not gonna be a loyal tuition student i tell you,there will be a day or probably many days that i feel like lingering in bed naked & not doing anything,its a drag being a student,you need to study but your just too lazy,i told you life is good -.- so the very good indeed. Ta ma de.

I went & watched Narnia : The voyage of the dawn treader in 3D :) I like 3D's except that they sometimes give me headache,i had period cramps yesterday while watching it so i didn't take coke,which feels weird since i always drink coke when i watch movies. Very the uncomfortable,try to imagine you sitting down wearing these 3D specs that are so tight around the ear area & you feel like swooshing waterfalls of blood between your legs & it feels like something is moving in your tummy which is menstrual cramps,really annoying -.- I want the book! Seriously.....the reason why i like Narnia more than Harry potter is cause...............

1. There are four cute kids who are growing older & older by every movie.
2. The very the HOT Ben Barnes a.k.a Prince Caspian (He's king now btw)
3. None of them have "scars" on their forehead,lol.
4. The very the cute lion a.k.a Azlan or something,i love animals :D
5. The pretty effects & wonders of Narnia *twinkling eyes*

And why i don't really like Harry Potter...............

1. I don't know what his scar on his forehead means! Its so -.-
2. The signature Harry Potter music,very creepy.

3. Harry wears uncle specs and he's young. Does that makes sense?
4. Why don't HARRY date Hermione? RIGHT?
5. Why does everybody seem evil? Like only Harry,Ron,Hermione & that big guy who saves Harry seem like nice people.

Just my personal opinions ♥♥♥♥♥
No hard feelings kay??
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