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Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm officially out

I'm officially going out. Its really hard to date me out since i'm so darn choosy,i complain bout the sun being too hot or i'll get sunburned,or i'm broke or i'm just too lazy. I think its because i'm so not used to going out i can live without chilling out with friends,but to stay at home & surf the web,that's luxury,lol. I have very big plans for next year :D I'm so excited bout it! I'm gonna get a couple of new clothes of course,maybe i'll sell off some clothes at jipaban to earn some cash,i'm really dead serious bout getting a new camera,a wide angled one,captures more space i guess & i think i wanna start socializing again,its not that i'm not social but i'm just too carried away by internet & being alone all the time that i forgot how it feels to have fun with outsider's,i must be genetically born to be a loner. Yeah that's about it. I almost chopped off my hair too! *gasp*

You know my love for Agyness Deyn,she owns the pixie hair cut,i really love short hair :(
And i need to drink more milk cause i wanna grow tall,i think i'm around 165cm now,i don't think that's good,lol. Ki siao...if too tall also cannot,plus i'm thin so that'll make me look like anchovies wtf? Gotta go now...bye blog.

Yeah that's Ah Neh my classmate & also one of the best people to chat with,he's fckng hilarious,some very weird jokes he will still get it one,someone who will smile for no reason,yeah that's him,he's pretty soft for a guy but that's not a problem huh? We all love guys who are soft & most importantly,fun to be with :) Today's gathering actually not bad lah,i keep feeling that i look older than my other former primary school classmates wtf? Boyfie told me in the car just now that i look mature for my age,aihhh....bear with it then. I woke up damn early today,cos i slept damn early yesterday,trying to keep up with this habit! GOOD LUCK TO ME :)

Even though i didn't really spend much time with my classmates much today (i'm busy talking with boyfie & Bryan -.-) but i feel like everybody grew up so fast,i knew these people since i was 8 & its amazing how we still talk to each other without any sense of shame,LOL. We were high & we had fun,we still act like kids,like how we were back then in primary school,life is short,see how time passes,back then i was just a girl who knew nothing about mandarin & studied with a bunch of chinese kids & now i am a girl who can speak mandarin talking with the same bunch of chinese kids. We were young,so cute & knew nothing but to have fun. Now we're 16,more wise in a childish way but also more understanding,aihhh LIFE'S ONE HECK OF A RIDE.

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