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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gossip Girl :)

Someone very MAN behind me,lol.

Boyf knows more bout GG than i do,isn't that awesome? To have a boyfriend that can chat bout GG with you? HAHAHA. I never got the chance to watch GG since the first season so boyf helped me download & i watched *i think* 3 episodes at his place today,so syiok :D

Serena has the most awesome clothes a girl can ever wish for! And how hot is Nate? Perfect people,so nice to see them in their pretty clothes,these things make me superr happy! And during the first seasons Jenny didn't have her thick eye make up yet,kinda not used to it since i watch her in season 3 often with thick eye make up,she is always my idol. I keep telling boyf that if i were a GG character i would be Jenny,lol. I wanna watch more till i get addicted to GG,hope it
never stops airing!!!! I superr love watching their awesome clothes

Tell me where can i find someone eccentric,cheerful,has wild humour,open,fashionable,honest,warm hearted & fun to be with? I'm on a hunt for a fluffer :D

Currently craving for chai kut teh!

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