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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

R.I.P SEk770i

Today is one bad fckng day! My phone died :( k770i died today,i don't know what's the problem with it but it just doesn't show any image on screen! EFF. I'm shooo upset cause i personally love that phone cause its simple & easy to carry. Time to move on,i guess i'll get a new phone? Its not for me to say,my dad's the one paying,lol. Bb hasn't been online for days due to his stupid internet,poor thing,hope it gets repaired fast,life online without my boyfie is very un-entertaining. I thought of getting a blackberry but you know i know,its expensive & i'm not rich either. I like my eldest sis's Nokia E72 but i don't know how to use it,lol. I need guidance in choosing phones,help me GOD! I want & need a long lasting one or else i have to change phones every year,i am not gonna make handphone shops rich! I need money :c

Found this at Lookbook. I like this look alot :) Recently my sis bought stockings like that for me as a christmas gift. I love her red lips & red hat! I thought of getting a red beret when i went out with bb that day but he thinks that red is hard to match :x

YEAH this thing! Victoria's Secret body mist in Strawberries & Champagne! Hmmm...looks & surely smells yummy! Something to get before new year :) I love scents,perfumes too,but sometimes i get headache's if the smell is too strong so i prefer body mist's. I've always wanted to own one VS product,including the lingerie. Need a couple of hundred RM to spend for these few months,i need to re-invent my wardrobe for 2011. HELLO VINTAGE style :)

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