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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Haters are very free people

I am now feeling kinda shitty,i keep coughing out these disgusting flam that looks like mash potatoes & i don't have cough medicine at home. See this title of the post? Ok,let me get this straight. Apparently,some people just have nothing to do,i am just a sixteen year old girl who lives a normal life,trying to excel in my studies & at the same time,curious to learn bout everything interesting in my life,is that a problem? And as you know,i like reading blogs,in fact i like reading almost anything,i admire people who write blogs no matter how lame they are,its a story of their life,its a perfect way to get to know that someone,ok let's skip this wise "why am i posting bout this" topic.

Recently,very recently actually,i visited One of the frequent blogs that i visit,i find it amazing that Wendy a.k.a the blogger edits out amazing photos. I was fascinated by her ooh lala photoshopping skills,so i asked her which photoshop she uses,i was just asking,it really didn't matter if she answers or not. FYI photoshop isn't just photoshop,there are many kinds you fckers. Then a person replied me in a VERY rude way saying that i asked a stupid question,its like asking someone what coke/M&M did you eat. ROFL... HELLO WOMAN/MAN do you know that there are all sorts of coke & M&M's too? She even said that i should give up trying to use photoshop coz what makes me think i can handle it? Oii you *****! I can take my time to learn,practice makes perfect,you think xiaxue can be good at it just my downloading it & voala she can edit out photos ala Heidi Klum? SHOHEII use your brain please,i bet she clicks around to find out how every tool works just like every curious human being.

That's not the point btw...she said im ugly! What the Fluff? Maybe to your eyes i am ugly but i can't see you coz you don't show your own picture on the avatar coz your too shy i guess? I don't know? But before you address someone stupid & ugly especially someone who is innocent like me,look at yourself first JIBYE! Did i EVER made you angry? Did i offend you by using vulgar words? NO right? I just clicked on .. left a comment and left. You must have shoo much of time to go browse at her comments section to reply back to people in such bitchy manner huh? And i don't get the "You think your so pretty?" & "Look at yourself,what a shame.". I never said im pretty or what so ever,i just said that to please myself,to have more confidence in how i look,cos i have very low self-esteem,i bet you too,that is why you come & fuck me sial like this. Come on tell me what did i do wrong? Is it a crime to leave a comment at a website that i like? And most of all. DID I OFFEND YOU? If yes,then go to hell. If no,then shut up & get a life.


~Sue Anne~ said...

you are definitely NOT ugly.. there are many judgmental people in this world and this is one of them.learn to ignore them because then, it shows that you are a better person than them, which you already are. so, cheer up and believe in karma.. :D

Banania said...

Yeah :) Thx. Appreciate the support!

Rainy♥ said...

Not worth for us to kill million or billion or watever-hw-much of our cells jz bcuz of this kind of people. ;)

Banania said...

Yeah xD

-Yeinn- べ Onion* said...

just ignore those brainless suckers my dear.

support ya (: