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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30NOV2010 ♥

Ish....i like when my toes are red,i feel hot,lolssss!! Blogging is for your own purpose,it is like an online diary,you blog to show off to others then your an asshole. I have been feeling miserable nowdays,comparing myself to other girls when i myself isn't that ugly also -.- i must have suffered from serious inferiority complex. My boyfriend might be irritated by me since i always complain. There's no one to blame? I don't have people to talk to DUH. So now i wanna stop my miserable feeling deep deep down inside of me from my hair down to my boobs down to ... till my toes. I have to get rid of this horrible attitude of mine,i can't keep comparing myself to others! ERGH.....silly me,i must have been possesed or something. Every single day i feel like a cow that is about to be slaughtered & sent to the factory to make meatballs or meat patties that turn into the cheeseburger that your eating WTF.

When i think of it,im not that bad after all. Cmon...being pretty isn't that important right? I hate it when my blog has no response,as i feels like i've been fucked by a monkey,but who cares? I blog for myself its true. Diaries are meant to be read only by the author's right? WHO THE FUCKING HELL lets other people read their diaries LOLSsss. Who cares what i blog about? Whether i have hot pictures like other girls have? Whether i go for a "girls day out" anot? I don't sibeh care liao. I am gonna blog in my own language & beware of my overused foul words. I am pretty good at cursing. feel more relieved. If your reading this,laugh at my pathetic-ness all you want,go ahead and HAHAHAHA. I actually have some talent you know....i can sing i think? I know i can dance,i can prove to you lor...don't believe then suan lor...i am not that ugly i think,since i recieve compliments that im a "leng lui" aka pretty girl,lolsss... Im not THAT BAD. So i better stop having low self esteem! Im off now. :)

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