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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blackheads ♥

If you know me in real life,you'll know my skin. I am a girl full with pimples. And im not proud of it AT ALL. When i complain people would be like "oh nevermind,your a young girl,its normal for teens to get zits". And im like wtf is that suppose to mean? Some girls my age,not some but most girls my age have flawless skin. Ticks the crap out of me. I have these pimples on my forehead that look like concrete,like the bumpy cement on the high ways LOL. Hard to cure but even hard to prevent. They just pop out of no where. But my nose doesn't have any pimple. Just blackheads & whiteheads. They are many types of ways to remove them,you steam pull pluck whatever the shit you do,they'll come back. I've been using pore tapes since form1 and none of them is as effective as this one here. I simply this thing.

See...after using all the omfg disgusting things and creatures from my nose comes out. Try it out. It works i swear!! Look at this germs and you know it. You can get it from watsons,mine's from watsons one utama,they have lots of products there,the watsons is huge :) Especially all the japanese products,i see till my eyes droop out. If im not mistaken this is around RM12+..worth it compared to the biore pore pack. Which is this.

I think ><>


The Teenager said...

Hey! ^^ dropped by your blog! The price is less than RM 10! Cheaper than Biore and more effective! :P

Banania said...

Yup..i agree :)
Im gonna read ur blog for more review's bout products. XOXO