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Monday, September 20, 2010

SOME people

When i update my blog,visitors rise up to 40+ to 100+.
Thanks for reading even though i have dull contents lol.
I am NOT an efficient blogger and sorry for that but i'll try to make my blog nicer :)
I do not own my own computer so i can't blog anytime i want,
i can only online on weekends and my dreams of earning cash from nuffnang is now crashed!
And i do not own a camera so i don't take pictures that often,


Im just here to tell and inform you guys that i will not be updating that much.
But i promise before 2011 starts im gonna design a new blog template and take more pictures.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting prettier

Went to Tropicana city mall a few days back with my sis to watch Resident Evil.
Damn disgusting weii,the octopus face and the blood splattered around,ewwww.
Plus the over used "fuck" words LOL.
Decided to take the effort to be a girl again.
I have mood swings,sometimes i can be ignorant bout how i look but after having a boyfriend i have the sudden urge to be hot again even though he always says im pretty no matter what.
Went to sasa to buy some tools to shape my eyebrows,i decided NOT to pluck,it hurts.
Bought shavers,eyebrow shaper's and eyebrow scissors. Now my eyebrow's are 98% neater.

My outfit.
People kept staring at me and my sis WTF.
Cause people at One U and tropicana mall usually dress VERY casual,like shorts and t-shirts,i even saw a woman wear pajamas,heck i want to dress up,bought high waisted shorts,my recent favourite thing :)
I actually copied this look from Vivi magazine,one of my favourite magazines.

This is one of the things i bought.
Massager,i see girls in popteen use things like these to massage themselves to remove fats of their already skinny body. I decided to try.
I kinda like it.
Feels nice rolling them onto my thighs,c'mon a girl has got to do something.
There is a quote that says there are no ugly girls only lazy girls.
Its fucking true.
Do something if you're feeling ugly.
That's all i can say,haha.
Thanks for reading my blog even if i don't update,truly appreciated!
Link me and leave comments if you can,thank iiiuuuu :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Teenage Dream

Imma get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans be your teenage dream tonight :)

Im in a relationship with a guy i love dearly :D
Meeting him is one of the things that im really happy about,seriously.
I just like any other girl being in a puppy love kinda relationship,but no,to be honest he's special,his simplicity attracts me. Thank you God and Facebook for setting us up LOL.

Baby this is for you,
I know im not a hot girl,not that smart and rich either but thank you for loving me the way i am.
I can be insecure sometimes,that's the way i am,im full of fucking insecurities.
Thank you for changing,i nearly lost you,but you took the effort to not think negative bout youself,thank you for trying to cheer me up when im sad even though most of the time you do nothing lol.
Thank you for keeping me warm in the cinema,that is the first time a guy did that for me. Thank you for the stuffed toy you gave me,that is also the first gift i have from a guy :)
I hope i can be with you always,as a part of you,be there for you anytime.
I wish to be with you as long as i can,to stare at you while you're driving and to laugh at your cuteness.
Thank you for making me feel loved,thank you thank you.