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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30NOV2010 ♥

Ish....i like when my toes are red,i feel hot,lolssss!! Blogging is for your own purpose,it is like an online diary,you blog to show off to others then your an asshole. I have been feeling miserable nowdays,comparing myself to other girls when i myself isn't that ugly also -.- i must have suffered from serious inferiority complex. My boyfriend might be irritated by me since i always complain. There's no one to blame? I don't have people to talk to DUH. So now i wanna stop my miserable feeling deep deep down inside of me from my hair down to my boobs down to ... till my toes. I have to get rid of this horrible attitude of mine,i can't keep comparing myself to others! ERGH.....silly me,i must have been possesed or something. Every single day i feel like a cow that is about to be slaughtered & sent to the factory to make meatballs or meat patties that turn into the cheeseburger that your eating WTF.

When i think of it,im not that bad after all. Cmon...being pretty isn't that important right? I hate it when my blog has no response,as i feels like i've been fucked by a monkey,but who cares? I blog for myself its true. Diaries are meant to be read only by the author's right? WHO THE FUCKING HELL lets other people read their diaries LOLSsss. Who cares what i blog about? Whether i have hot pictures like other girls have? Whether i go for a "girls day out" anot? I don't sibeh care liao. I am gonna blog in my own language & beware of my overused foul words. I am pretty good at cursing. feel more relieved. If your reading this,laugh at my pathetic-ness all you want,go ahead and HAHAHAHA. I actually have some talent you know....i can sing i think? I know i can dance,i can prove to you lor...don't believe then suan lor...i am not that ugly i think,since i recieve compliments that im a "leng lui" aka pretty girl,lolsss... Im not THAT BAD. So i better stop having low self esteem! Im off now. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Nice movie :) If you are a facebook fan & if you get unusual humour you should go watch this,i don't get it,why did this movie isn't one of the top movies? Its pretty awesome actually. Mid night movie again,it was hard to sneak out of the house with "someone" giving me the eye,shitters....
One of the guy who acted here named Andrew Garfield is kinda hot *drooools* And i didn't know he was british,awesome sial! Robert Pattinson is also british & he's so hot too,the power of those bloody british-ers lollsss.

This guy who made facebook,Mark Zuckerberg,genius & also a freak,talks as fast as WTF. He spends his time writing codes which is really cool but also weird. Hmmm...i wonder when can i be smart like that? I only know basic codes but at least i know a lil something,kan? LOLss. Well my holiday's are kinda boring,not even one friend called me out for a "drinking session" or even for a chit chat,haizz...lets me just stick to my "do my own things" world. I came back form KK a few days back,it was nice there,spent only three days & you know i know,time passes fast when your having fun. I have a few pictures,will upload it soon,the only requests i got was from baby boy.

I invented something during the holidays too,a bun maker! You kow these days they sell all sorts of gadgets for girls to tie hair buns in a quicker & less messier way? I didn't think the price was worth it so i made my own tool,don't laugh kay...its made out of socks,hahaha! Your probably goin *omfg she is gonna insert her hair into some old stinky sock by i dont know who* LOLsss! This is cheap and actually pretty nice :) If your a cheapskate like me you can go ahead & ask me how did i make it.

Yup,i cut the socks & rolled them into these shape,notice that its a round & bun shape? Yeah,all you gotta do is wrap your human furr into these to get a perfect round shape,nice cheap & fuss free,LOLsss.

Seee! Don't mess with my creativity,it looks normal who the heck knows that its made of a pair of socks? RIGHT?

Oh ya,im so bored & lifeless im basically asking people out to date me for a drink or a chit chat. I don't like dating people out cos im the one who usually does that? What do you think i am? A ask-you-out-for-a-date machine? plans for now,get my vivi magazine/popteen/scawaii,slather on some mask,turn on the air conditioner till my room is so freakin cold & i can see "smoke" out from my mouth when i breath,chillax & don't worry aboout life. I gotta study sooner for form5 subjects before SPM comes,or else im gonna be like those people that claim they study but in fact they never study when spm results come out. Who cares....i'll do my own things & lets see what happens.
Im off now,ciaoz :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

21NOV2010 ♥

Effects after using Liese Chestnut brown :)

Believe me,i won't have this kinda complexion if not for my editing skills.
HAHA...i'll be gone for 3 days starting from tuesday till wednesday. I'll blog soon after that :)
Bought lots of stuffs online this time,lenses & hair extensions,i need to spend in order to survive.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blackheads ♥

If you know me in real life,you'll know my skin. I am a girl full with pimples. And im not proud of it AT ALL. When i complain people would be like "oh nevermind,your a young girl,its normal for teens to get zits". And im like wtf is that suppose to mean? Some girls my age,not some but most girls my age have flawless skin. Ticks the crap out of me. I have these pimples on my forehead that look like concrete,like the bumpy cement on the high ways LOL. Hard to cure but even hard to prevent. They just pop out of no where. But my nose doesn't have any pimple. Just blackheads & whiteheads. They are many types of ways to remove them,you steam pull pluck whatever the shit you do,they'll come back. I've been using pore tapes since form1 and none of them is as effective as this one here. I simply this thing.

See...after using all the omfg disgusting things and creatures from my nose comes out. Try it out. It works i swear!! Look at this germs and you know it. You can get it from watsons,mine's from watsons one utama,they have lots of products there,the watsons is huge :) Especially all the japanese products,i see till my eyes droop out. If im not mistaken this is around RM12+..worth it compared to the biore pore pack. Which is this.

I think ><>

Friday, November 12, 2010

November ♥♥

Waddup :D
November... my most favourite month cz its my birthday. Holiday's are starting soon,but i already started my own holidays,im to lazy to spend my days outdoors. Im getting tanned but i grew taller :) I think im already 165cm now,i want and i need to be taller. Oh yeaps i dyed my hair again,using the new Liese bubble hair dye,i tried almost all the hair dye brands except for this one,my colour is chesnut brown. Very natural :D

I looked like i didn't dye my hair at all but WTF im satisfied :D
Its a pretty colour,the box is adorable too,i had a hard time choosing what colour i wanted but i chose this since its written there "the hottest colour in Japan". I super love japanese products! Almost all of my products are japanese products,teeheee :D

Mind me,that's my diary behind there,i think i'd die without it LOL. This is the cover of the dye,if you want a slight change of colour but not too drastic your welcomed to try this colour :) Its a pretty dark brown that's only visible under the sun but has a very even tone in it. I'll try other colours next time.

LOL...Ugly huh? This is where i keep my school books,its empty now cz we returned our books last monday,next year im gonna face SPM. Darn form5! Why are exams never ending? I got a superb 30+ for my perdagangan which i was confident in passing. And im gonna start tuition next year..........ARRGGHHHH!

My birthday gift from baby boy :D
A pretty classic black charles and keith bag. I chosed it since he doesn't make good choices. Too bad the leopard print designs aren't that pretty :( I really wanted a leopard print one!! Im a fan of animal prints,saw a snakeskin one though but it looks too printy and disgusting LOL. Since i hate snakes why am i carrying a snakeskin bag? STUPID. Nevermind,this bag is already mine and i love it!

BABY... Thank kiu for the nice day :D
I fcking love you!!!