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Friday, November 12, 2010

November ♥♥

Waddup :D
November... my most favourite month cz its my birthday. Holiday's are starting soon,but i already started my own holidays,im to lazy to spend my days outdoors. Im getting tanned but i grew taller :) I think im already 165cm now,i want and i need to be taller. Oh yeaps i dyed my hair again,using the new Liese bubble hair dye,i tried almost all the hair dye brands except for this one,my colour is chesnut brown. Very natural :D

I looked like i didn't dye my hair at all but WTF im satisfied :D
Its a pretty colour,the box is adorable too,i had a hard time choosing what colour i wanted but i chose this since its written there "the hottest colour in Japan". I super love japanese products! Almost all of my products are japanese products,teeheee :D

Mind me,that's my diary behind there,i think i'd die without it LOL. This is the cover of the dye,if you want a slight change of colour but not too drastic your welcomed to try this colour :) Its a pretty dark brown that's only visible under the sun but has a very even tone in it. I'll try other colours next time.

LOL...Ugly huh? This is where i keep my school books,its empty now cz we returned our books last monday,next year im gonna face SPM. Darn form5! Why are exams never ending? I got a superb 30+ for my perdagangan which i was confident in passing. And im gonna start tuition next year..........ARRGGHHHH!

My birthday gift from baby boy :D
A pretty classic black charles and keith bag. I chosed it since he doesn't make good choices. Too bad the leopard print designs aren't that pretty :( I really wanted a leopard print one!! Im a fan of animal prints,saw a snakeskin one though but it looks too printy and disgusting LOL. Since i hate snakes why am i carrying a snakeskin bag? STUPID. Nevermind,this bag is already mine and i love it!

BABY... Thank kiu for the nice day :D
I fcking love you!!!

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