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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010 ♥


Can't believe its already the 25th of December!! Last month of the year 2010. GOOD! I face too many drama this year & i can't wait for the new year to come so i can make a brand new start. So so so so...what are you people up to this christmas?? I'm just celebrating with my family & doing normal family stuffs :) I guess that's the most perfect way to celebrate? Haha. I got many many things i want for next year,some junk i need to save up for,ugh..means i need to starve in school just to save up some cash (life of a poor regular student) plus all the things i desire cost alot,fluff me for being so brand cautious. This is year is well...pretty much boring. But the year i met my love of my life -.- cheesy much.

I want

See the words written in that barney purple thing? SPM straight A's. I don't think that's possible but i'll try my best. Toes crossed! Btw i got this from google so i don't know who the fluff's certificate is this -.-

Samsung ST600 super fluffay! I want black color one :) Many people ask why Samsung? The reason why is because this has dual screen & the lenses are wide which is super dee duper convenient for people who take self portraits like me,this will cost me alot but i will save up for this sexy thing. Pray for me,HALLELUYA

Its gonna take me dinasour years to collect 60 stamps so i already got 25 & i can buy my tigger for 40$ now! YAY

Pussycat Doll's members body. They are all tall & fit. I don't want to be thin & look like a leukemia patient so i wanna tone up my figure! Then if wear lingerie & bikini all girls will hate me :D Isn't that awesome? LOL. Especially her......

NICOLE scherzinger!
Those abs are my goal :) Boyfie is a workout maniac so i think i got the virus also.

Nah...see this better. See the way she dance & her style,her body,how hot is she! I'm drooling now,go supermarket get me a basket to support all my drooping saliva wtf. Super Lesbo me.

And finally a short video.
Do load it before watching or else it'll lag & you'll be stuck with a weird expression of me -.-

Oh ya!! Did you guys know that a couple of HOT Korean artists are coming to town for a concert? With Digi its possible! Just go to your nearest Digi center to get party passes! No joke people :) You won't wanna miss this great concert with G.NA,Beast & many more!

Btw you must be really free to come read my blog now. HAHA bye.

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