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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tron Legacy

Wassup blog,my knee hurts,badly! Not as bad as just now lah but still its pain! I fckng suffered just now,it started on a beautiful monday. Woke up early & got ready to spend the day at baby's place to watch a movie,then after that boyfie sent me to Nesh's house,it was fluffing raining & i don't like rain,i know right? I'm such a coward & i sound like a bimbo now LOL. No lah,i just feel that rainy days can be scary especially if there is big thunder & while your in the toilet or something thunder strikes BRAM BROOM then you fall into the toilet bowl,how? -.- Some more worse if don't have toilet paper,wtf? My imagination is running wild now. THEN night time came,i couldn't sleep,read "ps i love you" the whole night & i finished the book wtf! I started feeling some kind of strain in my knee,i ignored it,ahhhhhh! If only i knew the pain it would cause! I didn't sleep! Some more walk to Rawang town to company fake baby brother send fake mum to train station,waved goodbye cheerfully in house gear & met boyfie's best friend,SUPER EMBARRASSING! Went home,walked around the neighborhood again with Nesh & Kief then my knee really felt terrible! Got attacked by their dog too...omg this is one fabulous day! I feel like fckg Paris Hilton! least i'm still alive.

Watched Tron with sis on sunday after church. I LIKE IT! Perfect blend of cyber punk,action,girls,imagination & creativity. I don't know why boyfie & other people didn't really think that's its awesome but hell..people have different opinions. I DID fall asleep at the beginning too,i don't know if its the super dee duper cold air con in TGV or i'm the one who can't stand boring scenes but i stayed wide awake watching the hottie (main character) in the movie. He's cute :) But this movie kinda lacks humour lor..cause no matter what you would prefer laughing more than being amazed. But whatever it is i like this movie i like the soundtrack

Syiok sial right? Feel like i'm fighting in slow motion like in star wars jiang...aaaaaiiiiiii aaaaaaaammmmm ggggoooinnn tooooo kiiiiiiilll yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

This one,imagine a guy lying down in a pool surrounded by hot girls lol

*sorry no pictures to share lately*

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