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Monday, December 06, 2010

Rapunzel : A tangled tale

Watched Tangled a few days back with my sis & i really like it :) She is an adorable character. Me & my sis kept laughing because most of the audiences are kids,lol. I like it alot,i didn't know Mandy Moore can be a princess,i remember watching "A walk to remember" with baby boyf & criticizing bout Mandy's fashion sense in the movie,she wears these gramma cardigans just because she's a pastor's daughter,WTH im a pastor's daughter too,not logic! Watch this in 3D. I think this is the only animated movie that i watched this year,so means that this movie is good,makes you have a good laugh & i damn love Rapunzel's hair! Look how golden it

Look at One Utama now!! No offence,Christmas decorations are the most beautiful! Don't you agree with me? Somehow i prefer white Christmas tree's lol. The night i went & watched "The social network" with bb they already started doing the decorations & this is the complete view,gorgeous :)

Spot L'Occitane at the above picture :)

So many christmas trees! I wish i can touch real snow :( Nadine called me from Germany,she told me that real snow is much smoother than the fake snow over here at Genting,lol. Its always best to experience the real thing. I love Christmas!

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