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Friday, December 03, 2010

Shweet December ♥

I've been so sick & lifeless till i didn't realize that its already December *gasp* one more year before January means school is starting. Darn..time passes so fast right? I don't want to dye my hair black!! LOLs we'll see,if the teacher starts to warn me then i'll dye it black,back to the fugly coal hair colour,jibye. Im still coughing,still having itchy thorat,still have blocked nose & still consuming drugs a.k.a medicine. The worst part is i have to suck these red colour lozenge's that taste like chemical & coats your tongue with a disgusting texture that makes you loose your sense of taste wtf. I hate being sick,FML.

I'm running out of my Hada Labo lotion :( not really actually,but i still have to get a new bottle to replace this one before it finishes. YES your right,im one of those girls that hell loves this product. Its cheap & it is really moisturizing. I think i bought it for 36$? And this thing can last up to a year. Shooo worth the price & it makes your skin "toink toink". (How to describe what is toink toink?) LOL.

I've got new plans for next year & i really hope i'll fulfill all wishes & complete all my tasks well. Sometimes i plan things that are not logic,for example like catching rainbows,date TaeYang,earn 20k or owning a unicorn (yes i know wtf right?). I am gonna plan real stuffs now,i'm gonna be 17 next year & it'll be my last year in school *clapping hands*

1. Get a camera. I wanted to get a dslr (expenshive but nice). But since im gonna be using it to take self portraits & blablabla i'll get a good digital one. Maybe the sony ones,with the sweep panorama etc.

2. Get a life (no lah im joking :D) Start having a healthy lifestyle. I sleep late,wake up late,take half an hour naps that lasts for 4 hours. WTH? & i still complain bout my complexion. From next year i'm gonna eat healthy,sleep early & wake up early,never skip breakfast & do exercise! YES

3. Do home facials once a week. I NEED TO DO THIS for the sake of vitality! Look at my skin,it used to be like a baby's ass but now i got zits everywhere,large pores & fine lines at my forehead & im below 18 fml! Must always steam,moisturize & most of all masks!

4. Study! Yes i have too,for 4 years of secondary school life i've been using my general knowledge to pass exams & to answer teacher's questions. I only read books that have nothing to do with what im learning in school. Im gonna start tuition too :( I hate it but i have too for the sake of A's for my spm. Life is always "good".

5. Grow my hair. This is an exciting resolution :) I had short hair last year & now its growing down to my shoulders,yay! "Baby locks please grow longer & stay smooth,i love you & i'll promise not to cut you for these few years." LOL. I will always use conditioner after shampoo & apply mask on my hair once a week (depends on how hardworking i can be).

6. Always match my panty colours with my bra. Its a habit fyi...i always do this. I feel uneasy if the colours don't match,it'll ruin my mood also. Yes i know im a freak.

7. Drink lots of water everyday! Yes i have to do this. I heard somewhere that girls need to drink lots of water so your period won't be painful,hope its true coz i don't like menstrual cramps. Plus water is good for your skin :D

8. Apply lotion everyday! YES i've been doing this since i was in primary school coz my mum has tons of Nivea lotion,hahaha! When i was in primary school i have lots of scars on my leg due to stupid mosquito bites. After applying lotion everyday for years they heal :) I am not joking its true! Now i apply lotion everyday after bathing & before sleeping. Especially Nivea's EXTRA whitening lotion & Vaseline's total moisture. Secrets to fair & soy bean like skin.

9. Be a green girl. I don't mean turning myself into this. I mean being earth friendly & recycling.


Btw im trying to create a new banner for my bloggie. Im trying....

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