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Monday, March 14, 2011

I love


When you blog,people get attracted to you because of many reasons,I get attracted by so many sorts of bloggers but I have to say when it comes to some personal problems I like visiting Daphne's blog,it feels as if she's my sister cuz we both love our mom so very dearly 

Lately,now actually,I'm in the middle of misery because of family problems,I'm not gonna really blog about it anymore after this but I'm sharing it now. Mom's busy with something else,dad is busy with something else,I don't really know where my parents are either. Some bloggers,their life can be so perfect that you don't know what to do but to complain how your life sucks,yeah man (usher style) life does suck sometimes. I like how Daphne is able to go through her life through out secondary school,she's so strong,everytime I read her blog makes me wanna protect my mom even more. Life's not easy I know,so sometimes seeing her being so glitzy & glamorous but also having problems makes me remember that she's like every other human too,so Daphne...your very easy to relate to,that's why I love you & your blog! I wrote this to you not only because I wanna support your giveaway contest,but to tell you how much lurrrve I have for you & your blog :)

I love my mom alot.
I'm glad that I know someone who loves her mom as much as I do too,I know you'll make it far in life cuz your so brave & sweet :)


daphkisses said...

So good, so so good.
I feel touched? Yehh girl.
Thank you so much.
It's so true that nobody knows what's hidden beneath.
I've came through so much worse than parents not being together.
We stay strong, as women, as ourselves as a daughter.
Thank you so much :)

Nia said...

Yes,especially when we wanna say it out but people can never understand or they just won't listen. Thanks for the support :) Love a ton <3

yifie d. said...

nice post:)