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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Exam day 2

Hello! Exam week now,I ain't suppose to be here but I feel really guilty for not writing anything,so I came back in the end,lol. Thanks for constantly coming to visit this blog of mine :) Love you visitors lots! And do follow me. Today's subject was English & Economy,GOSH I seriously think I did better this time,I do get confused sometimes but I wasn't as blur as before,& before you even call me dumb,I'm not okay? I'm just not really a study type of person,let's make it clear. Moral & maths tomorrow,yay for moral but boo for maths :( Even though my blog visitors really do increase but guess what,most of them are strangers & not people that I know,lol. So means that people that I do know don't read my blog,how funny is that? :S

Things to do lately:
1. Pluck & shave my eyebrows.
2. Buy an item!
3. Get Vivi's march issue.

I'm currently using Maybelline's eyebrow powder & gel,but somehow the gel ain't that good but the powder is nice but not long lasting :( 

EYE STUDIO Brow Definist Eyebrow Duo Palette, P359
Need to get a better one after this one's finish! :D

Went to get some exercise books yesterday with the boyfriend,saw march's popteen,I was thinking "should I or shouldn't I?" cuz I have been reading popteen since 14,have never worn anything Gyaru & never used anything Gyaru but have always kinda love Gyaru,well....Gyaru is really nice,but not for me,I don't think I'll look good in thick make up & cutesy clothings,haha. But seeing other Gyaru's makes me go "wow,that's really pretty.". Here to talk about one very kawaii & nice blogger by the name of Eki :)

smaller ekiblog banner

I have been visiting her since last year & I really like her,she's nice & her pictures,reviews & videos are so kawaii it'll make your eyes pop! So go check out her blog & follow it,you can also follow her at twitter. I'm feeling super generous now so I'm sharing out some really good blogs for you people to read since I'm gonna be away for stupid first term exams. But great news,I have holidays after the exams,so I'll be really free,might even be doing reviews & a singing video since I promised a friend about a birthday singing video,haha. Take care sweeties! Do follow me at twitter since I'm always tweeting non stop 

Rolling in the deep by Adele for you all :)

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