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Monday, August 15, 2011

Being humble is over for me

I've been to nice,too humble,too open,sometimes I forget how awesome I am & I start bashing myself. Like for example today in school some asshole,well my classmate,said something about me which was insulting & I still smiled,I am too polite for Jesus' sake & I think I need to stop being humble for now,so I'm gonna blog with arrogance today,to release my puffiness! I'm gonna keep calm & blog.

A letter to people who talk without considering other people's feelings :

I don't know why you think this is funny,it never was,criticizing a fat person is like saying an elephant is big when they are already big & they know it! I am not even fat. Mind you,I am a very clean person,I hate both cold & hot weather,I like weathers that are just nice,warm I guess? Whatever. And yeah,you have no right to say that I don't care about myself,because I do & how the hell do you know if I take care of myself or not? Can't you see how pretty I look??? I like,follow routines in a day! I'm so unlucky man,you have no idea,I just can't help to rumble about my complexion because it really REALLY bothers me when people say something negative. What the fuck.

  1. Why do you have zits? Well according to my science knowledge,I don't know if my pores are clogged or is it hormones but I have my seasons & yeah,I don't fucking know the answer but well it's my skin anyways & why do you bother so much? Unless you wanna befriend my zit,then fiine.
  2. Don't you take care of yourself? Well this is totally stupid to ask unless I look like poo. If I did,I know why you ask but I look fine most of the time & asking me this is totally frustrating because I am a girl,I actually love myself? It's like you're saying I'm lazy to even bother treating my horrendous skin,take a look closely if you see me fatherfo,I only have acne scars left,fyi my zits improved but you're too ignorant to bother cause you only see the ugly things in life.
  3. I used to have flawless skin. I am a teenager,I go through these hormone changes & I'm a girl,most girls would break out during their period,me too duh. So whats the point of asking people why they have acne? Even the dictionary doesn't have the extended & full explanation to that. I used to have nice skin for your fucked up information & I never asked for this so shut the fuck up.
I think you should really STFU when you got nothing nice to say because words hurt.

I don't know what to wear,I am going through those times when you have a full closet but have no idea what to wear,I must be nuts! I am desperate for shoes,real time. I wanna wear heels,but I'm still not that confident in them,my favourites are slippers,flip flops,whatever you wanna call them! Living in Malaysia & wearing flip flops is something you'd normally see,I love flip flops! I think you can wear them with anything! I wanna do some DIY,maybe fly to Tesco,get some RM2.99 slippers & get all colours,re-decorate them all with flowers,studs,diamonds,whatever! I'm feeling creative now :) Land full of slippers.

photo via weheartit
My heaven

photo via weheartit
Gorgeous Chanel slippers

photo via weheartit

Ahhhhhhhh I'm feeling so beachy right now! I wanna go to the beach,wear a bikini,walk on hot sand,get burnt by the sun (sort of),feel the wind & slurping on coconut juice,that's what life's suppose to be like,so beachy & relaxed. My classmates are planning something for the end of the year,I don't know if I'm free to go,but it seems nice,being at the highlands is not a bad thing too since Malaysia is like freaky hot. I'm still confused,dazed & in my honeymoon mood now,I'm feeling good right now,blogging makes life so much better. And oh! Thanks for those who view my blog,for those readers that are from another side of the world,thank you!! I used to be the girl who gets like 5 views in a day,sometimes none,then after years,I start getting hundreds per day & I feel good so thanks!  

I'm waiting for this to happen,it will soon I guess? Keep wishing!

Leave me comment la,I'm bored without a response.