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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fashion Icon #2 : Selena Gomez

For some reason,among all Disney stars,I think Selena Gomez is the prettiest,but nothing about her actually attracts me other than her pretty face,then I start liking her songs & I start noticing her style,it's different than Demi & Miley since both of them are more into the rocker chick kinda vibe but Selena is more into something sweet & simple but sometimes I see her in funky clothes too. As a teenager,I can't & I don't even wear fancy clothes often so she's an awesome icon when it comes to effortless style & matching all the cutest outfits,so at those days when I feel lazy or when i wanna dress up for tuition class or a plain grocery shopping spree,I look up to Selena Gomez :)

Randomly posting a picture of her & Justin Bieber,lol.


(photo via

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Notice something in all the pictures above? She loves wearing jeans & boots,especially jeans that are fitted. It's VERY hard for me to get the perfect jeans so I rely completely on my darling jeggings & leggings. She also wears plenty of T-shirts,loose tops & such,very comfortable stuff.




My favourite part from her 'Who says' video.

Selena Gomez Shoes
(photo via



  1. During the Billboard music awards.

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  3. People's Choice awards.

53rd Annual GRAMMY awards.0_large

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  2. Tumblr_lp3buu9wsf1qkcxuco1_500_large
  3. Sheer white top accompanied with golden accesories,nice.

  4. 68b0ecc369_78237458_o2_large
  5. Her gorgeous dress in 'Monte Carlo' :)

  6. 110727fanews14_large

  7. 110727fanews13_large

  8. 110727fanews12_large

  9. 110727fanews10_large
  10. Mexican Elle.

  11. Tumblr_loikpz40sa1qh7a1to1_500_large

  12. Tumblr_loxfhocb9c1qatyd2o1_500_large

  13. Selena_gomez_1309972832_large

  14. Tumblr_lp191cbaez1qlrn4io1_500_large

  15. 5607399940_64749c44cb_z_large

  16. Tumblr_loo0l3tsav1qh7a1to1_500_large
  17. I know this top! It's from her dream out loud clothing line,even Juicystar07 has one.

  18. Tumblr_loajdbxov01qllcugo1_500_large
  19. A year without rain video.
Selena Gomez Inspired
Selena Gomez inspired look with a mix of my own styles :)
It's summer so I added a bronzer from Nars to get Selena's tanned bronzy look.
bag from Balenciaga
black heels from YSL
black blazer + denim shorts + cropped singlet
sunglasses + juicy couture charm bracelet 

Ignore the very messy blog post with all these numbers at the side cuz I have no idea what the hell I clicked.
Well enjoy & hope you feel inspired too! Like this is you like the look I just made & leave a comment to share your own thoughts. Xoxo!