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Click this please!
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

MSN suck balls don't you??

My friend is facing a fashion crisis & I feel bad for her so I'm trying my best to help her & this is what MSN does to me,screw me up by lagging every minute & for some reason I don't know why I'm unable to chat with her what the fuck??? What is wrong with MSN??? Thank God it's free or else I won't even give any fucking cents to have this kind of service. But wait a minute,is this MSN's fault or is the line just plain shitty today well I don't know lor.

And right now I shall use Skype because I got no patience already since it's bloody 2.45AM! (ANYWAY my skype email is missbanania@gmail,add me k?)

I logged into my old msn account,not the one,that msn is so damn empty everytime I log in I just feel so lonely. I mean the old one,the one I've been using since dinasour time,since Friendster season! Omaikottt seriously it's like passing memory lane all that,I chat with my ex a lot with that old msn,thank God I didn't activate the 'history' for my msn or else I'll be emo reading back all those conversations.

(The part above is written on Friday the 8th of July)

ANYWAY,it's 1.25AM now & I just got back from my school's concert,it's this 1Malaysia concert thingy & it was awesome,I cheered like a moron & I had fun,it's been a long time since I've been involved in something that's actually fun,lol. I told you I'm homely & I barely go out. I haven't been using false eyelashes since forever & I actually bought a box today,it's cheap,only 10 pairs for RM8.90 & I love it since it's soft,worth the price anyways :) so I'm happy this week,yeah. AND NOT TO FORGET. See that banner with the kitty & doggie up there? Sign that petition pretty please! I am an animal lover & I wanna do my part to help so it'll be awesome if my blog readers would sign a petition to help out,I don't care if you love animals or not but please help make a difference & stop animal cruelty,don't be so heartless T_T

Webcam picture,blurry but happy :) Goodnight people,have a great week ahead,stay tuned for my next post alright!

Nia Leah