Click this please!

Click this please!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't you dare torture animals!

( photo via weheartit)

I was browsing through some new posts by the blogs that I follow at my dashboard & I see a very sad sad news about a tortured pup,I don't get this,WHY THE HELL OWN A PET WHEN YOU'RE GONNA END UP DOING BAD THINGS TO THEM?? Then I go on facebook & I saw the same thing on my friend's wall. Please,stop this,if you know anyone who does this kinds of things,stop them,take their pet away or something,don't let the pet end up dead & YOU end up feeling all fucked up & regreting your actions,thank God I never face such things in my life but I know that I've seen dogs & cats lay flat on roads if you know what I mean. And as an animal lover I always keep myself away from thinking about creepy & sad thoughts about animals that are sick/dead/tortured. Imagine if I think of all these every second of my life,I'd be emo! See that petition banner up there?? Sign up please & share around,do something good for once even if you feel useless today,I swear you'll get some sort of blessing tomorrow! Either getting 10 cents on the roadside later or getting a text from someone you like,who knows!

Just a short update.
I'm busy,I'm an SPM candidate & I need to study! I had science thingy going on today & it saddens me that my favourite science teacher is not gonna teach me science anymore but she really gave me some pretty useful & awesome tips today. I was at my best friend's Nesh's house last weekend & I love & miss her so much :) Can't wait to go there again.