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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Being a student part I

Today the kids in my class all got called to go meet our principle in the meeting room,she & some other teachers talked to us about the big SPM & how important it will be to us. Yeah yeah,I know that,everyday I kick ass & only study a little,sometimes I wonder how me & all my classmates can stay calm when SPM is coming closer & closer,we're really chilled,I didn't realise this till my moral teacher said so,but I do agree that getting frustrated & upset won't do any good,it'll just make you lose your mind,who the hell wants to go mad before their big exams?? Morons. 
I'm looking at a bunch of 'keep calm' pictures now :)

My hair is longer now & my bangs are just right,tried retin-a a few days back & it made my skin peel like snake & made my skin so sensitive that even the most gentle cleanser on earth will make my skin tingle & itch,I almost freaked out & yelled out a big "oh my fuck" last monday morning while washing my face,I even thought of skipping class since the sting was so bad,but imagine what would I write on the absence letter,probably something like this......

"Dennia Leah couldn't attend school today due to skin reaction towards retin-a & hyper sensitivity."
What the buck?

So I did attend class & I HAD to apply my Maybelline mineral BB cream to school to cover up the redness & my face was so dry it peeled tremendously &  everytime I look into my mirror I see cracks & peeling skin on my face I just wanted to cry. Plus it made me broke out too,currently I have like one zit on my forehead & another two more,one a few inches under my right ear & the other at my left chin which doesn't make sense cause I NEVER had a pimple on my chin before! ANYWAY,the talk I had in school today made me sort of realise how lazy I've been & that I should change & start to study more seriously,I don't know how many A's can  I get but I got to try right? Yeah I should. ANYWAYS I'm back to using dermedex & I'm gonna stick to it since I'm such a bitch,I change my beauty products once I get intrigued by some other creams/toner/whatever I see. Currently I'm using sulfur acne bar as my cleanser at night,insanely drying but cleanses well,after that I wash my face with oatmeal,like Bubbzz,check it our here,I will do a review soon when I have the sudden urge & mood.

My best friend since I was 8 is back from Germany!
I'm gonna go sleepover at her house this weekend till she goes back,I miss her so so much & I'm so glad to get to meet her again,life is so hard when you're away from someone so close to you,since she's gone I got close with some other awesome people but th bond is not that strong,that explains.

Ok,new song. Goodbye baby by Miss A :) look at Jia's hair,she always has the best hair & body.

Nia Leah