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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weird but nevermind + room plans


This is so weird,most of my blog visitors are from overseas & I don't think people actually read the stuffs I blog about simply because I'm such a random & confusing person but what the fuck is going on? I've been getting traffics from unexpected links & websites such as teeth whitening sites,even porn sites & all those you-wouldn't-wanna-know websites,how sad :( I didn't know I get majority of my visitors from these places,makes me feel famous for doing the wrong things e.g doing drugs,eeek. How are all of you doing? I've been blogging about nothing but random stuffs,I have got to be the most random & confusing person EVER,the things I blog about,I am not even qualified to be a fashion blogger,I have stopped doing fashion icon posts,the last & ONLY fashion icon post is about the lovely,annoying & awesome Taylor Momsen & trust me if it wasn't for that post I wouldn't get as much visitors as I do now,go google 'Taylor Momsen fashion icon' & you'll get what I mean.

I'm into awesome photography lately (I think I said this before ftw),even photos of random & simple things intrigue my senses :)
Nothing beats weheartit,I freaking love this website & when I feel down I always go there & browse around,once I see pictures that I like I'll just heart them up,so cool! Okay now time for my total random segment! I will be sharing about all the things that I am excited about now,today,this minute,this hour.

Aren't these adorable? They are so cute!

I saw this cute asian guy on you tube just 3 minutes ago & I had to share it because he's extremely cute & he has this british accent which is erhemm so sexy plus I think he's my age,bonus :) but he's too far to date me plus I don't think he will anyways.

I am a major fan of Blair Fowler (I prefer calling her juicystar07 because it's her you tube name) & trust me,she is not a bimbo,everytime she talks I just feel so excited for no reason & I feel happy again,must be some sort of bond I have,don't know la.. the way she talks & carries herself is so awesome & I always like awesome girls,especially girls who like to look good :) This room tour completely made me organize my room laughing out loud,I got so inspired to re-decorate my sardine packed room & I'm already planning to get some stuffs for my mini room makeover,weee!

She is gorgeous! Look at her face shape,I want that pointy chin of hers.

Blair & her blonde sister Elle.

Okay la since I got nothing going on much right now why not share the list of stuffs plus pictures of the things I wanna get & change for my mini room makeover,like come on,it's not some huge thing but just little changes here & there,not to mention my walls! I just have the tendency to NOT leave my wall blank,I must at least stick & paste something funny,I just like the feeling of tons of awesome pictures & graphics on walls,they give this sort of rock & roll feel,don't know la.

"Oh leopard print bed sheets,where can I get you??"

I want all that awesome rock,band,funky photos & posters on my wall,just rip a magazine.

Awww this kitty looks like Elcee,my previous kitty,God bless her.

I love the feeling in this room,you can actually tell how cozy it is & I am getting lights like those & I'll be hanging them somewhere,most probably around my mirrors.

Scented candles :) I already have a lot at home,just gonna put one in my room & burn them.

Some organizers for storage




ANYWAY I gotta go now,I have a time limit to use the internet,set by me :( Because I know I can spend the whole damn day on the internet doing everything. Xoxo people!