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Monday, July 11, 2011

The end of something I can't let go

My weaknesses and my strengths conflict 
My logic and my senses are thrown out of balance
I'm not letting myself live in my past regrets
Asking the universe, "Does he still love me?"
Even though I already know the answer to the question

My selfishness and generosity are in conflict
Night and day are all mixed up, making me frustrated
It happens when I have my happiest moments, suddenly I fall into deep depression
Why is it so hard to get back on my feet after a break up
I can only find comforting words to put myself to sleep at night

There are no absolutes when it comes to the matters of the heart
Even though I used to think otherwise
I have finally understood that love cannot be reversed
I should let the past remain in the past, collect the pieces of 

my broken heart


I wish I can just run away to a tattoo parlor & get something inked onto my skin,I know I'll enjoy the pain more that feeling nothing at all,how cheesy can I get? I have no idea. If you're wondering,did I get chosen to go for PLKN,the answer is no,I did not get chosen.

I actually don't really feel anything but I am very frustrated sometimes,I even skipped tuition & slept the whole day in class today,I don't feel so good,fuck the world I'd say,but yeah,the world doesn't revolve around me.