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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ashes & Wine

I'm extremely bored so I thought of blogging bout some cool stuffs I found on NYLON's site,especially some new tracks,basically my playlist of songs are introduced by this awesome magazine,you should know by now that I am a NYLON junkie,sources here are all taken from

The video just feels so old school,as if in the 90's don't cha think?
 Alexa Chung is lucky to be dating Alex Turner,how I wish I can date a band frontman,that'll be cool.

This is insanely catchy!!

She is a really beautiful singer,young & raw,her music is sort of like Adele's but she has a much softer voice,I'm in love.

Total feel good song. Burberry first introduced them,I also got to know some really awesome singers from Burberry acoustics like Misty Miller who is an angel.

Lol,I do listen to other Monkees songs but never this one,cute track,fun to listen to.

I have a thing for photography,I have a number of amateur photographers in my life & I hope to be one too,not now though,no cash to get a proper dslr,but yeah,it's something really interesting & I'd love to try it :)

I spot Juicy Couture
Omfg,Rilakuma cupcakes!

Alcohol & ciggs = perfectionism.

When will my hair grow this long?

Yes,I'm looking at YOU bitch.

Take your panties off & feel the breeze I say.

This is absolutely gorgeous.
I guess I'll be fine,a break up is hard enough,the truth is even harder,but I have a long way to go & a life to live,hopefully I'll meet another guy that would offer me more than I expected & capture the moments with me,I don't want to be emo for so long,it's not me.