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Saturday, May 21, 2011

American Idol sucks.

Today is Friday. Don't you dare go think of that lousy song by Rebecca Black -___- As narcissist this sounds,I can sing better than her,I swear! Only 2 subjects left,then I'll be having my holidays,at least that's something to look forward to :) Perdagangan (Trading) is a subject that I personally think is quite easy & I hope I get full marks for my 2nd paper,God bless me. Exams are stupid,I'm smart enough to live without tests. *slaps face

Haley got eliminated out of American Idol. Can someone tell what the fuck is wrong with the Americans?

So now we're left with the so God damn cheesy Scotty & that boring country chick Lauren. She is a year younger than me & I swear she looks so much more older. WHY OH WHY? For God's sake. Who are the God damn voters? Go to you tube now & you'll see tons of people complaining about Haley being voted out. Who the hell sings Led Zeppelin on American Idol other than her? She's one freaking chick,now she's out,there is not purpose of me watching this show anymore,seriously. This show is becoming more dull I think I'll swap to X Factor or something. If I were to watch the finale next week,I'd be asleep with my saliva dripping on the couch due to boredom. For any of you who are Scotty & Lauren fans,I know they are talented,but no offence guys,they won't be THAT famous,you mark my word.

Can't wait for the holidays,I got tons of movies I've been craving to watch & tons of food I am craving to eat. Such as Shihlin fried chicken,seafood tempura,Japanese food especially Japanese curry & Ikea's meatballs. Can't wait to do my nails too! I've been taking advantage of the exam seasons to keep my fingernails long,lol. Gonna do some french manicure,self do,I got the Sally Hansen's with my sis from Sasa a few months back,only costs like RM10.


Mine would probably look like this,gorgeous eh? Will post pictures 


This is so crisp & clear & neat,love it 

Blair & Chuck is such a sweet couple,I can't wait to get my GG4 from "him".

I got some good results & response on my sidebar poll,please continue clicking what you wanna see more of here at this blog. I'm so sorry I haven't post any looks yet,my looks,there's a problem with my sister's camera's self timer,I guess I'd have to wait for my new phone & use the camera from there instead,unless any of you are more than willing to be my photographer. Ciao!