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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Aiya,people can be so stupid sometimes,I am unhappy now

Yes,by FTW I mean fuck the world,literally. So pissed lah nowadays,I got so many bad things going on,I wonder how is my exam gonna turn out,like dog shit? Geezzz....I am tempted to write in my personal diary but what the heck,this is my blog,why not just write out my craps here? At least my readers know my life is also a "life" like any other,full of shits & all those unecessary things I call "Problems".
I need to rant,NOW!
I think I have english tomorrow,shit man,the teacher who is teaching me english is as lazy as a baboon I suggest he just go home & sleep all day,he talks crap,doesn't give us homework & when he does,he'll ask us to copy the answers,what the turf? You know WHY is he doing that? Because he doubts our english skills,WAHAHAHA now thats epic,a teacher looking down on his student's potential. YES I know my class may be the middle class,but there are people like me who are actually able to converse in proper english,what are you reading right now? ITS ENGLISH! Shit da la boom boom. Its been 5 months now (may lah now) & he haven't even start teaching us anything,just comes in class like a snail crawling,pick up kutu's from our head then leaves class,we ain't monkeys you moron,better start teaching or else your in danger! I will complain you ah!
Next. I came home from school today then the house is empty cause both mum & dad went to The Curve & I was so upset because I would have gotten the chance to eat my favourite meatballs at IKEA damn. #Iamindeepshit
And. Guess what? I don't think I should even talk about this,its personal,its crap,bull crap,if I were to start writing about it I'd cry & my sister's room will be filled with tissue's & she'd know I sneaked using the computer to blog about my miserable life T_T
Plus right now I'm so hungry I'm waiting for my mama to come back because she promised to dabao so many yummy food but its already don't know what time & I really cannot tahan liao I'll probably go make something lame to eat,but oh yeah I forgot I can't cook,ish.......bimbo.
Need to start doing an advert post also,or else no money T_T
I also made a poll,remember to answer the questions I ask!

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